Identify & Target Actual Buyers, Eliminate 80% Wasted Ad Impressions !

With ONLY 2% Indians Buying DTC Online & <10% Indian Households making discretionary or branded purchases, >80% of your ad impressions get wasted on users that can NEVER buy from you! Leverage Xpert Audiences to eliminate ad wastage by targeting ONLY actual buyers.

Tracking 6M+ Buyers across 500+ Digital/ Retail Brands
Identify & Target Buyers Basis Their Key Traits
Integrates seamlessly with Google/ Meta Ads
Aditya Sibal

CEO, Kanelle

It's a delight to see our Ads being successfully targeted to the niche segment of luxury buyers & the resulting boost in our performance. Something, we've grappled with for years to successfully crack!

Raj Patel

Founder, Ace Nutrimony

The tweak in our Ad targeting, got the same Ad creatives to perform better. We started driving more visitors, for the same impressions and eventually more purchases.

Jatin Mandawat

Co-Founder, BeAbhika

Xpert's combined targeting of custom and lookalike audiences unlocked the true potential of our ad campaigns! The results we achieved in a short period of time exceeded our expectations

What Can Xpert Targeting Do For You?


Reduce New Customer Acquisition Costs!

  • Ad Platform generated audiences end up delivering 80% impressions to users that might be ‘interested’ in your products but cannot afford to buy, thereby inflating CACs!

  • Xpert builds performance centric audiences targeting only the 2% Indians that actually buy online, thereby improving your ROAS & lowering your CACs.

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Increase Store Footfalls Via Hyperlocal Targeting

  • On average, less than 5% of a city's residential areas house ~50% of its buyers capable of discretionary or branded purchases. Current geo-targeting lacks the precision to account for the socio-economic diversity within Indian postal codes, resulting in significant wastage of ad impressions.

  • Leveraging our Network Intelligence, built over 6 million actual buyers shopping across 400+ brands, we directly target your ideal prospects based on their proximity to your store at a latitude-longitude level of precision.

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Run Branding Campaigns That Build Recall !

  • Brand Recall is driven by higher ad view frequency, achievable only by targeting specific buyers repeatedly, a task not possible with broader ad platform-generated audiences.

  • Xpert identifies the 2% of users that actually make purchases and are hence valuable to repeatedly target. This enables building frequency and thus recall within the same budget.

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Our Core Offerings

What Else
Can Xpert Do?

Discover ways you can leverage Xpert to optimize marketing spends & grow your sales


Buyer Insights

Discover personality traits, purchasing patterns & buying motivations of your target consumers. Tailor your creatives & strategy to match your buyer personas.

Marketing Measurement

Optimize for New User CAC, instead of ROAS to eliminate ad-platform bias. Identify sales impact on marketplaces driven by off-platform digital ads!


Locational Insights

Identify buyer hotspots to target for your promotions & retail expansion. Tailor your marketing to every locality & housing society.


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