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Our pricing is segregated basis our features, to help simplify your evaluation.

Ad Targeting


Optimize your digital ad spends, leveraging Xpert audiences. Plug into your existing Meta/Google Campaigns.

6% of Ad Spends on Xpert

Buyer Insights

Enrich your customer understanding by gaining deterministic insights into their behavior beyond your stores. Leverage our network intelligence


Locational Intelligence

Discover buyer hotspots across any district, pincode & neighborhood. Validate your store expansion & retail outreach.

On request as per requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our product or service in our comprehensive FAQ section.

Your payment will be charged on a monthly basis, typically at the beginning of each billing cycle.

We bill you based on a percentage of your monthly ad spend, as outlined in our tiered rates. The billing amount is calculated according to the following tiers:

  • Up to ₹3 Lakhs Monthly Ad Spend: 7.5% or ₹15,000 (whichever is higher)
  • ₹3 Lakhs to ₹8 Lakhs Monthly Ad Spend: 6% or ₹15,000 (whichever is higher)
  • ₹8 Lakhs to ₹15 Lakhs Monthly Ad Spend: 5.5% or ₹15,000 (whichever is higher)
  • Over ₹15 Lakhs Monthly Ad Spend: 5%

The billing amount is calculated based on the tier that corresponds to your monthly ad spend. We apply the specified percentage to your ad spend and ensure that it meets the minimum billing amount of ₹15,000.

In addition to the percentage-based billing, there are no additional fees or charges, unless explicitly stated otherwise in your agreement with us.

Yes, you can view your billing details and history by accessing your account dashboard on our platform. This will provide you with a transparent overview of your payments and charges.

We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and other electronic payment options. Please refer to your account settings for the available payment methods and instructions.

We offer flexible terms with no long-term contracts or commitment periods. You can use our services on a month-to-month basis and cancel anytime without any penalties. However, please note that any incurred charges are non-refundable as per our billing policy.

We've set a threshold for offering free trials based on monthly ad spend. For accounts spending less than 5 lakhs monthly, we do not offer refunds or free trials.

Our policy is designed to ensure that we can dedicate adequate resources to optimize ad performance for our clients. Accounts with lower ad spends require proportionately less time and effort to manage effectively. Offering refunds or free trials for lower spends wouldn't be sustainable for our business model.

For accounts spending less than 5 lakhs, we offer our services at a fixed monthly cost, currently set at 15,000 INR. This fee includes three support calls per week aimed at optimizing your ad performance and reviewing strategies.

Yes, if you're not satisfied with the results, you have the option to stop using our services. However, please note that the monthly fee will still be applicable, as it covers the expenses we've incurred in managing and optimizing your account.