Solving Acquisition For D2C Brands!

Acquire new customers beyond Facebook & Google. Leverage transaction data to identify & target core d2c buyers - via personalized letters & emails! Track campaign performance & results in real-time.


What do we do?

Emails For Acquisition

Personalized 1:1 reachouts at scale, that are conversational!

Direct Mail for Retention

Segment & Invite past custmers basis their activity

Advertise on ONDC

Government's new initiative to promote digital commerce.

Why XPERT Ads?

We built this to solve key challenges we identified across our d2c community.

Only 2% of Audiences really buy D2C Brands

Of India's 400MN internet users, only 10MN are core d2c buyers ( thats just 2%!). Poor Ad targeting reaches out to the 98% that aren't interested in buying. We've identified & mapped these 'Engaged Shoppers', the core 2% buyers across brands basis their interests & purchasing preferences.

Rising CACs across Facebook & Google!

With everyone targeting the 2% 'Engaged Shoppers' & cookie tracking becoming impossible post iOS updates - acquiring every new user is getting more expensive. We're leveraging anonymized first-party data to target & track these core users across newer channels that are untapped (& cheaper!)

NEWER Ad Channels Don't Perform

Ads on OTT, Music & News Apps perform poorly as they lack access to user data that signals purchasing intent, without which they get targeted poorly & don't perform. We've built out our AI models to derive purchasing intent across users basis their purchase history & identify them across platforms leveraging their first party signals to actually drive performance

Traffic is NOT conversions

We're always paying for impressions & clicks on our Ads, even when most won't even buy. We've aimed to align our interests together & charge you ONLY on SALES. Traffic is driven for FREE.

How it works?

  • 1

    Connect Your Store

  • 2

    Build Audiences

  • 3

    Design Campaigns

  • 4

    Track Performance

Our XPERT Network

We have a thriving community of 230+ brands accross sectors that have participated accross our cohorts

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge brands on on successful conversions i.e. only charge for every sale that we influence. The price for which could be set by any brand. We do not charge for impressions & clicks
You just need to click on "JOIN THE WAITLIST", fill in general details and connect your store to our platform, to successfully join in.
Once you join our waitlist, our team will go through your application and guide you through the onboarding process. Once you're are onboarded onto our platform, we will help you create and set up your email campaigns. After getting your campaign approved from our expert, it will go live.
Yes, your data is completely secure and will not be disclosed to anyone. We only use your data to create interest-based target audiences and to track attribution.
Once you have integrated your site, you will go through a 2 week training session to help you setup your campaigns with ease.
We review each application, their transaction volume and their target audience to match against our network before moving you off the waitlist.
Any D2C brand looking to target new customers using untapped channels are welcome to join. Currently we are integrating stores available on Shopify and WooCommerce only.
We are leveraging data to map your products & create lookalike profiles of target audiences. Also, since we're pricing Xpert Ads - to charge brands only on driving sales - a tracking attribution becomes important.

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