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Leverage our audiences to eliminate wasted ad impressions on non-serious buyers. Increase your ROAS by 30% by targeting only the top 2% (10 million) of India's internet users who are known to buy.

Free to try. Pay on conversions.

Audience Data Platform For Brands

Optimize your existing Facebook & Google Campaigns, leveraging our Audience Data. Pay On Conversions Only After 30% ROAS Improvement!

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Customized to your product, customer types and goals.

Push To Ad Platforms

Audiences get delivered to use with your existing Fb/ Google Ad campaigns

Pay For Performance

Pay ONLY after validating 30% ROAS improvement!

Spend Ad Budgets for INFLUENCING buyers, not for FINDING them!

Leverage Past Purchasing Signals

Actual purchasing history lends a stronger signal than just interest. Target users making complementary & substitute product purchases around your category.

Refine Basis User Interests & Values

Leverage our custom user segments, based on purchasing intent. Filter on user interests, life stages, payment preferences & buying frequency.

Receive Audiences Seamlessly

Audiences created here, get pushed directly to your existing Ad Campaigns in Meta & Google. These stay refreshed & updated realtime.

Track ROAS & LTV Realtime

Compare our audiences quality against your top-of-funnel Ad campaigns basis their conversion rate & LTV. Pay only for performance.

Securely Hashed & Encrypted

Yes. All sensitive customer data gets aggregated, anonymized, securely hashed, encrypted & directly delivered to Ad Platforms. No brand can access, export or download any identifiable user information. Nor utilize the information outside of serving Ads via our supported platforms. We ensure data privacy compliance between users, brands & platforms.

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Creating target audiences, pushing them to Ad platforms & tracking their performance is now simpler than ever!

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Map your products & transactions to identify lookalikes.


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Filter on purchases & interests. Push to Meta


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Watch your ROAS improve in weeks & track customer LTV!

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