Eliminate Wasted Ad Spends!

80%+ Ad Impressions are wasted on reaching users, that don't buy. Leverage Xpert Audiences to target ‘actual buyers’ to improve ROAS, increase store footfalls & build brands digitally.

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More than 280+ brands across product categories & sectors have leveraged our ad targeting solutions
Why Xpert?

Audience Targeting Platform

Your target customer is already buying complementary products & services across brands. Leverage the Xpert Network to exclusively target them basis their past purchases & measure its impact against incremental growth across all sales channels.


Drive Website Sales

Drive greater purchases from your website leveraging deterministic transactional data to target ‘actual’ buyers & NOT ‘interested’ ones. Use Xpert Audiences to drive upto 30% better ROAS than platform-made ‘open-broad’ / interest based audiences.

Drive Retail Store Sales

ONLY target ‘actual’ buyers living around your store vicinity. Make your hyperlocal ads accountable by tracking incremental store sales & attribute them against your targeted prospects directly via our dashboard.


Build Brand Recall

Run digital branding campaigns building higher frequency on ‘actual’ buyers. Eliminate wasting ‘reach’ on users that cant buy! Attribute success with incremental sales across marketplaces in a target region .


User Testimonials

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Many thanks for sharing the data. Really awesome report!

Gaurav Dular MD, MBA
Physician Executive l M&A | Venture Capital | Corporate Development

the report was useful

Ajit Pai
Vice President - South @ MSLGROUP India

Awesome, thanks so much .

Anshuman Mishra
PepsiCo - Associate Director

It was very insightful

Soorej Babu
Senior Manager Business Development South - Page Industries Ltd

it is very nice, I run through reports on website also , all are good

Abhijit Khatav
National Account Manager - NEWJ

The report was great

Kundan Jha
Chief Manager - Reliance Retail

Great Work Sharad.Xpert.?

Puneeth Kumar
Business Development Professional-Real Estate & Retail - Emitt Technologies

fantastic insights!

Heemang Parmar
Founder @ Virusha Group

The data was interesting & insightful

Rachit Mathur
Managing Director & Partner at BCG,

Thanks for sharing the report and it’s absolutely helpful.

Surender Mehla
Brand Manager at Boots Pharmacy (Alshaya Group GCC)

We’ve built Xpert to solve growth challenges that plague every Indian brand!

only few can buy

Target ONLY the Top 3% Indians That CAN Buy!

  • Only 3% (40M) of Indians account for all consumption purchases made across brands! Given Ad platforms target users basis ‘interests’, >80% of your Ad impressions get wasted on reaching users that CANNOT buy!

  • Xpert leverages its 400+ brand network to identify the actual consumers that buy, basis their past purchasing history. Leverage these as audiences to supercharge your digital outreach.


Measure Marketing Against Sales Growth!

  • As brands we’re simultaneous running multiple marketing campaigns that influence customers making omni-channel purchases. The increased privacy norms make it impossible to track what initiative drove what sales impact.

  • Xpert integrates with all your sales channels & ad platforms to build a central source of truth. This helps us to successfully isolate & track which campaign drove what growth!


Gain Actionable Customer Intelligence!

  • Our customer understanding is limited by our own data which exists in silos across our sales channels & ad platforms. Further, cleaning & mining it for actionable insights requires implementation of advanced data mechanisms!

  • Xpert maps your buyers against its network intelligence to build a 360 buyer view basis their purchases, interests & goals, identifies their lookalikes & recommends store locations basis buying potential!

Our Process

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Use Cases

Who do we work with ?

We work with brands across the DTC, Retail & FMCG Space.

DTC Brands

Selling #DTC via your online store? Feel your Meta/Google Ad Campaigns have hit a performance ceiling ? Need to improve ROAS with increasing scale ?

Retail Chains

Planning to open new outlets basis location potential ? Need to know where your target buyers are ? Looking to target buyers around your store vicinity to drive greater footfalls?


Seeking Customer Intelligence but lack direct access to buyers?


Drive digital leads into your CRM for nurturing & closure ?


Leverage our insights & data to drive better performance for clients.