Grow Omnichannel Sales By Optimizing Your Marketing Spends!

80%+ Ad Spends are wasted on targeting the wrong users, measuring the wrong metrics & missing the biggest growth opportunities. Leverage Xpert to align your marketing initiatives into driving measurable sales across Marketplaces, Quick Commerce, Modern Trade & General Trade.

More than 300+ brands across product categories & sectors have leveraged Xpert

What Can Xpert Do For You?


Eliminate 80% Wasted Ad Impressions!

  • Given only 3% (40M) of Indians online account for all branded consumption, >80% of your digital ad impressions get wasted on targeting the wrong users who CANNOT buy!

  • Xpert leverages its 400+ brand network to identify the actual consumers that buy, basis their past purchasing history. Leverage these as audiences to supercharge your existing Google / Meta Ad Campaigns


Drive Brand Recall By Increasing Frequency

  • Brand Recall is built by higher frequency of ad views, achievable only through repeated targeting of specific buyers. However, doing so with ad platform-generated broad audiences, within optimal budgets, is practically impossible.

  • Xpert identifies the 2% of users that actually make purchases and are hence valuable to repeatedly target. This enables building frequency and thus recall within the same budget.


Evaluate Marketing Activities Against Sales Growth

  • Branding campaigns often get evaluated on vanity metrics (followers, likes, views) as sales outcomes are delayed and direct attribution is difficult when selling through third-party outlets.

  • Xpert connects all your ads & sales data, building a central source of truth. It enables geo-lift experiment setups that can isolate individual geographies and evaluate marketing activities against benchmark markets for measuring true incremental growth.

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Gain Actionable Buyer Intelligence

  • Without a direct link to your consumers, you lack access to ground level consumer data. Xpert leverages its network intelligence to identify actual buyers in your category and unveil top trends for your market segment, empowering your strategy & creative decision-making

  • Xpert’s consumer insights enable you to discover high-demand products in your own & ancillary categories, identify top buying goals and understand identity markers highly correlated with your category shoppers.


Expand Sales Distribution Basis Buying Potential

  • Currently available location Intelligence is generic & built top down, rendering growth decision-making non deterministic & hence unreliable.

  • Xpert identifies locational clusters with high concentration of potential buyers at the pincode, area & sublocality levels- these get mapped against your current & prospective distribution points to evaluate potential.

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Ad Targeting

Target ONLY ‘actual’ buyers with precision. Optimize branding budgets to build frequency of ad views on your target consumers instead of finding them.

Marketing Measurement

Evaluate branding effectiveness against incremental sales growth, NOT vanity metrics. Measure hyperlocal marketing impact via geolift experiments.


Locational Insights

Discover buyer hotspots to target for your promotions & retail expansion. Identify top residential hubs in every area & locality to run your hyperlocal campaigns.

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