Data and Privacy

To leverage our platform's capabilities, users must opt in to share their data with Xpert's audience targeting solution. Our algorithms analyze this data to identify various customer behavior patterns, helping match a customer's intent with the unique attributes of your store. This process enables us to determine the likelihood of a customer making a purchase from your business.

Prospective customers identified as likely to engage with your brand are added to custom audience lists, which you can utilize to enhance the precision of your ad targeting. To ensure data security, these audience lists are encrypted and hashed, safeguarding the data's confidentiality and integrity. Once compiled, the audience lists are securely exported directly to the relevant ad platforms. It is important to note that you are unable to view or access the customer data within these audience lists, maintaining strict data privacy protocols.

Xpert's platform is designed to facilitate your compliance with applicable privacy laws in India. We prioritize the adherence to Indian privacy regulations, and we encourage all users to ensure their data sharing practices align with the relevant privacy laws in the country. To gain a comprehensive understanding of privacy law compliance in India, we recommend exploring further resources on this topic.