Data Privacy

Legal Compliance

Xpert's audience targeting solution is currently available to businesses in India and is designed to facilitate compliance with the applicable privacy laws in the region.

Pseudonymized Data and Hashed Audiences

When generating an audience list, customer information within the list is hashed before being transmitted to the marketing platform. The marketing platform then matches its own hashed information with the hashed audience list to ensure targeted ad delivery.

Voluntary Participation

You can choose to share your customer data with Xpert's audience targeting network by integrating your stores or manually sharing data via a CSV file. You can deactivate data sharing at any time.

Confidential Participation

To safeguard the confidentiality of your business information, no other business can identify which businesses use Xpert's audience targeting solution. It is not possible for any business to create an audience list using another business's entire customer base.

Network Contribution

We also take measures to ensure that it is impossible for any single audience list to be reverse-engineered to reconstruct your customer list.

Request for information

Your customers are eligible to know where and who their information is being shared with. If a customer asks for this information, they can be provided with this information.

Data Erasure

When you delete a customer's personal information, such as when a customer requests to opt out, this information could be removed from our Xpert audience targeting network.