Privacy Law Compliance

Xpert's data privacy protocols adhere to the provisions of the Indian Digital Privacy Policy Bill 2023, ensuring that our platform aligns with the stipulated guidelines for processing digital personal data within India. The bill requires the collection of data either online or offline, followed by digitization for its applicability. Furthermore, the consent of individuals is crucial for the lawful processing of personal data, with specific exemptions outlined for legitimate uses, including medical emergencies and government-provided benefits or services.

Xpert Customer Opt-Out for Data Sharing

In accordance with relevant Indian privacy laws, it is essential to provide customers with the option to opt out of the sharing or selling of their personal information for targeted advertising on your platform. With Xpert's integrated tools, you have the flexibility to manage customer opt-outs manually.

Managing Customer Data Sharing Exclusions

If you utilize a third-party privacy application or if a customer directly contacts you to opt out of the sharing or sale of their personal information, it is crucial to manually exclude the customer within the Xpert platform. Please note that manually excluded customers remain part of previously created audience lists, although their data will no longer be shared by your platform for future audience lists.


  • From your Xpert dashboard, click Settings > Account.

  • From the Account, click Customer opt-out.

  • In Customer email, (brand name) enter the email of the customer that you want to exclude.

  • Click Submit.