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Building A Customer Lookalike Thats 20X Larger - BeAbhika, Jewellery


Based in Delhi and Surat, BeAbhika is a DTC jewellery brand that was founded with a vision to “spice up the monotonous way” in which jewellery has been conventionally designed, sold and worn. BeAbhika revolutionised jewellery for the contemporary Indian by providing customers with tailor-made jewellery and accessories. Sourcing diamonds and semi-precious stones directly from manufacturers, Abhika Jewels takes great pride in offering hard-to-beat prices to its customers. Defining an audience looking to purchase jewellery - isnt easy! The brand till date had successfully leveraged lookalikes of their existing customer base to build out their audiences for targeting their Ads. Over time, however this audience wasnt scaling and was limited by the size of their current customer base. With an intent to further optimize Ad delivery by feeding in more customer lookalikes - it joined the Xpert Platform.

Audience Strategy Undertaken had uploaded their existing customer base on Facebook to build out a lookalike audience of their customer i.e. request Facebook to identify new users from their platform, that share similar behaviors and interests as their current customers. The data-points leveraged to build this audience, was limited by the size of their existing customer base. If more users, which have made similar purchases of other complementary products as theirs - could be identified then the size of the input-data to feed to develop this lookalike audience could be much larger and hence its efficiency only better! To identify other serious buying users, Abhika Jewels set out to figure their complementary purchases - namely other fashion accessories such as bags & shoes. To ascertain customer intent, people interested in clothing, fashion, accessories as well as customized products were identified. Based on these findings, Xpert developed an audience that was 20X of their customer base for the brand to target its jewelry and accessories so as to improve their Ad performance.

Results Achieved:

Through the Xpert platform, BeAbhika was able to target lookalikes of serious buyers across products, not just theirs. As a result, it was observed that there was a 60% reduction in the cost per conversion, as well as a 67.89% increase in the click through rate. Most notably, there was a 150% increase in the ROAS.

Inferences & Insights

Every brands customer 'lookalikes' is limited by the size of their customer base. Leveraging our lookalikes generated from past purchasers across complementary brands provide 10-100X greater data points for platforms to target & influence the right buyers.

Scaling Beyond:

Having observed this initial success. BeAbhika now intends to develop specific sub-audiences for their individual products. Specifically for their "Kaleere" which is a form of custom jewellery only work by brides for their wedding. Intending to leverage the customer type of women, that are making matrimonial purchases.

Over time the performance of our existing customer lookalikes had started to deteriorate. Leveraging Xpert, the lookalike audience generated were similar in principle but 20X in size & hence drove significant improvements across our Ad Campaigns - Abhishek Bardia, Founder