Evaluate Every Marketing Activity Against Sales Growth!

It’s impossible to evaluate true marketing efficiency when your measurement metrics don’t directly link to sales growth. Leverage Xpert to connect your ad & sales data across channels to comprehensively and objectively measure which marketing activities are driving incremental sales!

Integrates Sales & Advertising Data to identify cause & effect
Benchmarks results against predefined CONTROL values
Evaluates present & past marketing outcomes seamlessly

What Can Xpert Measurement Do For You?


Remove ROAS Bias Of Performance Ads !

  • Optimizing for ROAS is easy, but inaccurate as both Google/ Meta are guilty of over-attribution i.e. multiple channels taking credit for the same customer and counting repeat buyers, to exaggerate their effectiveness.

  • Xpert measures true marketing effectiveness by tracking actual incremental sales growth & nCAC (New User Acquisition Cost) reduction against your ad spends

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Evaluate Hyperlocal Marketing Activities !

  • Your ATL,BTL marketing campaigns don’t really get evaluated, as its hard to isolate and link their impact to sales growth.

  • Xpert sets up geo-lift experiments to isolate and evaluate the impact of specific marketing activities on sales within a region, determining their success potential before broader rollouts.

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Measure Sales Lift Against Branding Efforts!

  • Branding campaigns often get evaluated on vanity metrics (followers, likes, views) as sales outcomes are delayed and direct attribution is difficult, especially when selling through third-party outlets.

  • Xpert connects all your ad & sales data across channels, building a central source of truth. It measures incremental growth in sales within a domain-specific attribution window to evaluate true marketing effectiveness.

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Our Core Offerings

What Else
Can Xpert Do?

Discover ways you can leverage Xpert to optimize marketing spends & grow your sales


Ad Targeting

Reduce your CACs by 30% by targeting your Google/Meta Ads to actual buyers identified basis their past purchases across our 7M+ Buyer Network.


Buyer Insights

Discover personality traits, purchasing patterns & buying motivations of your target consumers. Tailor your creatives & strategy to match your buyer personas.


Locational Insights

Identify buyer hotspots to target for your promotions & retail expansion. Tailor your marketing to every locality & housing society.


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