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Boosting New Product Sales By Gaining Holistic Buyer Insights- Atomberg


For over a decade, Atomberg has spearheaded a mission to revolutionize India's home appliances. Driven by innovation and a customer-centric ethos, they have been reshaping the home appliance industry. From their initial line of Fans to the latest addition of Mixer Grinders, each product is imbued with meticulous design, energy efficiency, and cutting-edge technology. However, when Atomberg encountered challenges in driving website conversions for their newly introduced Mixer Grinders through Meta ads, they decided to reevaluate their approach.

Challenge Faced

Instead of mere adjustments to product pricing or boosting ad budgets, they recognized the necessity to delve deeper into their customer acquisition strategy. Atomberg sought to understand their target buyer profile thoroughly. Who made the buying decision? Was it different from general appliances like fans? What type of customer would be likely to purchase a premium-priced kitchen appliance? To answer these questions and gain authentic buyer insights, Atomberg turned to Xpert’s ad targeting solutions.

Xpert's Unique Offering: Enriched Customer Intelligence

Xpert delved into Atomberg's purchase data, gaining profound insights into their target customers and enriching the brand’s understanding of their existing customer base. Empowered with the ability to weave together the purchasing history across its expansive brand network, Xpert identified that a significant proportion of Atomberg’s target buyers are young working professionals. Moreover, the ideal Atomberg customer is someone who is deeply invested in their health & wellbeing and those with a strong affinity towards Indian cuisine. These behavioral nuances cannot be readily discerned by brands independently, as they aren’t immediately associated with their own product offering. Xpert’s data analysis also unveiled a strong overlap between Atomberg’s buyer base and audiences buying premium cooking ingredients & beverages online.

Strategy Undertaken

In response, Xpert tailored a strategy to target audiences demonstrating both an intent and capacity to purchase premium kitchen appliances. These individuals, identified with the buying traits & identity markers specified above, possessed both the financial means to buy and a genuine affinity towards the advertised product’s key features. These prospects indicated a strong resonance with Atomberg’s creatives, leading to a higher probability of conversion.

Execution and Outcome

Armed with these insights, Atomberg decided to run ads on Xpert's Targeted Audiences alongside Meta’s Audiences in a more engaging customer acquisition approach. The brand added a personal touch to persuade consumers towards the final purchase decision by nurturing customer inquiries via leads. The result was a substantial surge in CTA conversions. Notably, the CTR for Top of Funnel Ads jumped from 1.5 to 5. Precisely targeting the right audience led to an increase in website visitors taking affirmative actions. The customer service center experienced a surge in call volumes, with sincere customers inquiring about their Mixer Grinders. The optimization of ad targeting, eliminating non-serious buyers and unrelated visitors, led to a significant reduction in wasteful impressions.

Empowered with the ability to weave together transactional history across its expansive brand network, Xpert can identify demographic & behavioral traits that aren’t discernible by brands independently. Leveraging these unparalleled data insights, Atomberg could create a complete buyer profile of its target customers, gaining a deeper understanding of who they were and what they cared about.