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Targeting a Premium Design Conscious Audience: How Xpert Helped Ikka Dukka Improve ROAS and Decrease Acquisition Costs


Ikka Dukka is a boutique store that offers high-quality contemporary products from around the world. The brand works with artisans and talented designers who share their vision to provide customers with exquisite products and service that’s rarely found in the online market. Despite having an eye-catching product line, the brand was not seeing enough conversions on their website. Their Facebook and Instagram ad targeting, based on generic interests, was bringing traffic to their site, but the visitors were not turning into serious buyers.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

To solve this problem, Ikka Dukka leveraged Xpert's purchasing audience to eliminate non-serious buyers and target their ad spends to audiences who had demonstrated a past history of purchasing in similar or adjacent product categories such as house appliances, premium linen & bedding, handcrafted apparel, artwork & gourmet food online. Xpert’s audience performance data revealed their buyers could be identified as homeowners who were comfort-loving, design-conscious individuals interested in decorating and gifting. Moreover, Xpert’s analysis of the affluence quotient of the brand’s customer revealed that brand’s buyers belonged to the Luxury category who were willing to pay premium prices for top quality, handcrafted products.

Results Achieved:

By targeting their premium audience better, analyzing and identifying their customer's identity traits & buying behavior, Ikka Dukka was able to decrease their cost of customer acquisition while improving their ROAS & CTR. The brand saw a significant increase in conversions on their website, a more than 50% increase in click-through rate, and a 43% reduction in customer acquisition cost.

Inferences & Insights

Xpert was built on the thesis that only 2% (10M) of India’s 400M Internet users are core dtc buyers (read more). By targeting core DTC buyers, with established past purchasing behavior, and extrapolating their interests, intent - audiences are far more likely to convert, basis just the open 'interest' targeting available.

Scaling Beyond

With the success of their Xpert campaign, Ikka Dukka is now looking to scale their business beyond their current audience. They plan to expand their product line and offer more unique products from artisans around the world. By continuing to target their premium audience, Ikka Dukka hopes to become the go-to brand for contemporary, high-quality products.

Xpert's audience performance analysis has allowed us to identify our target audience better and improve our ROAS. Their insights have been invaluable to our marketing strategy.