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Moving From An 'Interested' Audience To A Purchasing One - Goosebumps Pickles


Goosebumps is a DTC Food Brand offering an exclusive range of yummilicious classic and fusion pickles and must-try fusion snacks. It was looking to accelerate sales for its dry-fruits. It was using an ‘Interest Based’ Audience from Facebook targeting targeting 30-45 years interests olds with interests identified as ‘ Nuts’, ‘Almonds . The CTR for this audience hovering around only .74%. This led them to believe a majority of audiences being delivered the ad to weren’t responding to it. Having recently improved its creatives - the next frontier they intended to address was around improving their audience targeting.

Audience Strategy Undertaken:

With interest based targeting, there was a lurking fear of the ad being delivered to users that cant afford to buy their products & hence resulted in wasted impressions. If it were possible to target only those people that made complementary product purchases in the past, the audience would respond better. To enable the same, Goosebumps leveraged the Xpert platform. The audiences were developed basis 3 key targeting criteria : Past Product Purchases, Customer Intent & Customer Types. To identify customer intent, products helping consumers accomplish the similar job of 'staying healthy & gifting' got identified. Further, complementary product purchases i.e. People who buy sweets also buy dry fruits got leveraged. Finally the customer type zeroed in were primarily home-makers & foodies. Basis this having connected their store & understanding the behaviour of their past customer base, Xpert developed an audience of potential lookalikes which were likely to respond to their products basis the above criteria.

Results Achieved:

The audience was tested for their top-of-funnel Ad creatives- using their existing Adset as a benchmark. The objective was to evaluate whether audiences targeted basis their purchasing history , performed better than, basis their interests. Within the first 10 days visible performance improvements got noticed, specifically :

Our Inference :

Xpert was built on the thesis that only 2% (10M) of India’s 400M Internet users are core dtc buyers (read more). By targeting core DTC buyers, with established past purchasing behaviour, and extrapolating their interests, intent - audiences are far more likely to convert, basis just the open 'interest' targeting available.

Scaling Beyond:

Based on the results, Goosebumps has decided to request newer audiences around its other products - namely Pickles to evaluate and compare their performances. The company will continue to test, optimize and scale their campaigns to improve the ROAS and reach their business goals.

Once our audiences got deployed, we saw immediate improvements across our brand & performance metrics! - Pinank Shah, Founder