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Brewing A Tasty Kombucha & A Perfect Audience Strategy - Neer Kombucha


Neer Kombucha is a wellness-focused brand that believes in crafting healthy, flavorful, and refreshing kombucha drinks using high-quality natural ingredients sourced from the Himalayas. However, their generic interest-based marketing on Facebook and Instagram failed to attract serious buyers resulting in a high cost of customer acquisition and lower than desired ROAS & CTR. They realized that even though the visitors on their website were digital savvy natives, to draw real customers they needed to identify buyers who purchased other similar or complementary products online.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

Neer Kombucha leveraged Xpert for its purchasing audience to eliminate non-serious buyers and target their ad spend to audiences who had demonstrated a past history of buying complementary products such as healthy snacks, hot sauces, and fruit juices. Xpert's audience performance data helped identify their buyers as health-conscious individuals committed to supporting a healthy lifestyle by making mindful F&B choices. Their customers' buying behavior revealed them to be trend-conscious, young people with a fair proportion of disposable income who do not hesitate to experiment with flavors.

Results Achieved

By using Xpert's purchasing audience, Neer Kombucha was able to improve its conversion rates and attract more serious buyers to their website. A focused audience targeting led to a significant decrease in the cost of customer acquisition with a 31% drop in CPC (cost per click), and a substantial rise of 56% in CTR.

Inferences & Insights

Every brand's customer 'lookalikes' is limited by the size of their customer base. Leveraging our lookalikes generated from past purchasers across complementary brands provide 10-100X greater data points for platforms to target & influence the right buyers.

Scaling Beyond

Neer Kombucha can scale their marketing strategy by identifying other complementary products that their target audience might purchase online and use them as part of their ad targeting. They can also leverage the customer data gathered by Xpert to create a more personalized experience for their customers and increase customer retention.

Thanks to Xpert, we were able to identify our true target audience and create highly targeted ads that resulted in increased sales and brand loyalty. Xpert's audience performance data truly helped us to understand our customers and their needs better.