A Quality Audience For A Quality Brand : How Xpert Helped Quilt Comfort Achieve a Comfortable ROAS


Quilt Comfort is a leading brand in the Mother & Baby care segment, specializing in creating comfortable and relaxing experiences for expecting mothers and newborns. With a strong focus on quality and an understanding of the sensitivities involved during pregnancy, Quilt Comfort offers a range of superior-quality products that prioritize the safety and well-being of both mother and baby. However, despite their unique offerings, Quilt Comfort was facing challenges in converting website traffic into sales, resulting in high cost of conversion and low ROAS.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

To overcome these challenges, Quilt Comfort turned to Xpert and leveraged its analytically curated audiences. The objective was to eliminate non-serious buyers and target ad spend towards audiences who had demonstrated a past history of purchasing complementary products such as maternity wear, pregnancy health supplements, pain ointments, and newborn apparel. By utilizing Xpert's audience performance data, Quilt Comfort was able to identify their premium audience as health-conscious, young or first-time parents, committed to a comfortable and safe pregnancy journey, and making mindful choices that benefit the health and wellness of both mother and baby.

Results Achieved:

Through Xpert's targeted audience strategy, Quilt Comfort achieved significant improvements in their marketing performance. The cost of customer acquisition decreased, allowing them to optimize their ad spend and maximize their return on investment. By reaching their premium audience effectively, Quilt Comfort experienced higher conversion rates, resulting in increased sales and revenue. The campaign not only improved their ROAS by almost 40% but also enhanced customer satisfaction as they connected with individuals who valued the brand's commitment to comfort, safety, and well-being.

Inferences & Insights

Xpert was built on the thesis that only 2% (10M) of India’s 400M Internet users are core dtc buyers (read more). By targeting core DTC buyers, with established past purchasing behaviour, and extrapolating their interests, intent - audiences are far more likely to convert, basis just the open 'interest' targeting available.

Scaling Beyond

With the success of their partnership with Xpert, Quilt Comfort has gained valuable insights into their customer's identity traits and buying behavior. Armed with this knowledge, they are now well-positioned to further scale their marketing efforts and expand their reach in the Mother & Baby care segment. By continuing to refine their audience targeting and leveraging Xpert's audience performance data, Quilt Comfort can continue to attract and convert their premium audience, solidifying their position as a trusted brand for expecting mothers and newborns.

Thanks to Xpert's audience performance insights, we were able to connect with our ideal customers who truly value comfort and safety. They truly identified our target audience and delivered exceptional results!