Home and Decor Buyers Report 2023

Presenting the HOME & DECOR BUYERS REPORT 2023 — a comprehensive analysis unraveling the trends and behaviors of home & decor products buyers across India. This extensive report delves into the Who, Where, What & Why of actual DTC consumers buying decor items and can help you gain actionable insights to

-Refine your brand strategy
-Identify benefitting collaborative opportunities
-Connect effectively with your target audience

Uncover the data-backed narratives shaping the home-decor DTC market, empowering your brand to make informed decisions and reach your ideal customer.

"Hi Sharad, the report was well-researched and well made, kudos to you and the team! I particularly found the prioritization of eco-friendly products by customers surprising - trying to incorporate that to TDK."

Nihal Kalra
Co-founder, The Decor Kart

"The report is quite comprehensive for Indian market context and it was quite insightful"

Geetika Patra
Ecommerce Merchandise Consultant - D.O.M Family

"Incredible insights! ? This report is a game-changer for Home & Decor brands."

Nidhi Kaushal
Co-founder & CEO - Team Flexbox