Cosmetics Buyers Report 2023

A comprehensive analysis unraveling the trends and behaviors of cosmetic buyers across India. This extensive report delves into the Who, Where, What & Why of actual DTC consumers buying cosmetics and can help you gain actionable insights to:

-Refine your brand strategy
-Identify collaborative opportunities
-Connect effectively with your target audience

Uncover the data-backed narratives shaping the cosmetics DTC market, empowering your brand to make informed decisions and reach your ideal customer.

"The data was interesting & insightful"

Rachit Mathur
Managing Director & Partner at BCG,

"Thanks for sharing the report and it’s absolutely helpful."

Surender Mehla
Brand Manager at Boots Pharmacy (Alshaya Group GCC)

"I went through the entire report and it gives good insight."

Charu Sharma
Cofounder & Director of Dermatology, CureSkin: AI Dermatologist

"Was very helpful, more or less, in line with what we're observing"

Aman Killa
Head of Revenue - Innovist

"This looks like a different game all together,"

Parth J. Kamdar
Associate Director - Category - Zepto

"Great work and very valuable insights."

Aditi Suneja
CEO NutriGlow GBL lifesciences Pvt Ltd

"Very interesting and counter intuitive! thanks for sharing."

Radhika Butala
Founder & CEO The Better Collective

"thanks for working on this one and sharing in public domain. :)"

Hardik Sojitra
Product, Strategy & New Inititaives - ProjectHero

"What a beautiful and in depth insight Sharad Lunia Kudos! Great work."

Soham Gramopadhye
Advertising and Commercial Photographer

"Very interesting report."

Rituparna Banerjee
PwC - Associate

"Insights like these are a goldmine for Cosmetic Brands!"

Nidhi Kaushal
Team Flexbox - Co-founder & CEO