Apparel Buyers Report 2023

Presenting the APPAREL BUYERS REPORT 2023 — a comprehensive analysis unraveling the trends and behaviors of apparel buyers across India. This extensive report delves into the Who, Where, What & Why of actual DTC consumers buying apparels and can help you gain actionable insights to

-Refine your brand strategy
-Identify benefitting collaborative opportunities
-Connect effectively with your target audience

Uncover the data-backed narratives shaping the apparel DTC market, empowering your brand to make informed decisions and reach your ideal customer.

"wonderful initiative Sharad Lunia"

Apaar Gupta
Founder at The Design Cart

"It’s a very interesting read. I realised that a lot of it we’d sort of realised quite intuitively, but this report highlights a lot of actionable points. Tier 2-3 cities are doing great for us, and these clients are quite loyal, they keep coming back. Comfortable elevated clothing ( as opposed to loungewear) is a category along with contemporary ethnic which are emerging as hero’s for us. Also the switch in buying behaviour of the 55+ year old women, who were neither comfortable paying online or buying without trying is exciting."

Esha Agarwal Fernandes
Chambray & Co. - Founder

"Congrats Sharad, this looks insightful. Can’t wait to read the entire report."

Karan Ahuja

"The report helped us in segmenting our prospective buyers and understanding their nature of buying."

Abhirup Guha
Sr. Brand Analyst - eCommerce - Mallcom India Ltd.

"I went through the report and it is quite comprehensive for Indian market context and it was quite insightful"

Geetika Patra
Ecommerce Merchandise Consultant - D.O.M Family