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Why choose Xpert?

Finding new top-of-funnel customers is expensive & hard. Join in to benefit from the wisdom gained across our network of brands to help optimize your Ad Campaigns.

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Converting Audiences

Highly curated based on actual purchasing preferences stitched across our network of brands.

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One Click Store Integration for Shopify, Woo & Magento. Seamless Audience sharing with Meta.

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Test our audiences & evaluate against your current campaigns. Pay ONLY for conversions.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Xpert offer a free trial?

Yes. You can use Xpert's audience list for FREE & compare our performance against your campaign benchmarks. Once you're decided to use us, you'll want your audiences to receive updates, you'll switch to our Professional plan.

How am i charged ?

You only pay for each NEW user that WE drive basis our audience list recommendation as a % value of their first order. With each conversion, our algorithm will learn & further refine the audience list for you to drive more efficient conversions.

Why use Xpert's audience list over Facebook's generic audience list?

Not all users buy. In-fact only 2% of D2C users in India actually purchase. FB / Google targeting is interest-driven which ends up targeting your ad to a lot of users that can never afford your products and hence become wasted impressions. Xpert's audience lists comprising of actual purchasing buyers eliminates this wastage.

Is my data secure with Xpert ?

Xpert values your data privacy. We use hashing technology to deliver a tokenized version of the audience list directly to Ad platforms. No brand can access another brand's data nor a particular D2C buyer contact can be personally identified. Xpert ensures that the audience data is secure, and cannot be exported off the platform.

How does the audience list get updated?

We keep growing our data pools, having realtime visibility of transactions across brands. Whenever we identify new users that meet your targeting criteria - we refresh them to your lists, which then get targeted from your campaigns.

Can i use these for digital branding campaigns?

Yes, we work with corporates around making it happen. Since every requirement is custom, you'll need to reach-out to our team - [email protected] for us to revert.

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