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Weaving Tradition with Precision - Authentics' Journey to Enhanced ROAS with Xpert


Authentics, a brand dedicated to crafting bespoke men's ethnic wear rooted in Indian culture, embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between heritage and modernity. Despite offering premium quality products, they faced challenges in converting Facebook and Instagram visitors into serious buyers. The brand observed that their target audience primarily consisted of digital-savvy individuals who also purchased luxury apparel and accessories online. This presented an opportunity to optimize their ad spend and improve their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by targeting a more relevant and qualified audience.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

Authentics partnered with Xpert to refine their audience targeting strategy. They recognized the need to eliminate non-serious buyers and focus on audiences with a demonstrated history of purchasing complementary products online. Here are the key steps they took: Data Analysis: Authentics and Xpert conducted an in-depth analysis of the brand's existing customer data. They identified common characteristics among customers who had previously purchased ethnic wear along with luxury apparel and accessories. Audience Segmentation: Based on the analysis, Authentics and Xpert segmented the target audience into distinct groups, focusing on individuals with a history of buying related products online. This segmentation allowed for more precise targeting. Customized Messaging: Authentics tailored their ad content to resonate with the refined audience segments. They emphasized the brand's commitment to authenticity, quality, and the fusion of tradition with modernity. Dynamic Ad Campaigns: Xpert implemented dynamic ad campaigns that showcased relevant products to each audience segment, ensuring that the audience saw items aligned with their past purchasing behavior.

Results Achieved:

As Authentics ventured into the world of Facebook and Instagram advertising with Xpert, without prior metrics for comparison, they still observed promising results: Prominent Conversion Rates: Venturing into targeting premium, digitally-savvy audiences, Authentics quickly observed a stream of website visitors transitioning into committed customers. Encouraging ROAS: Allocating ad spend to Xpert's custom audiences seemed fruitful. Even in the absence of baseline metrics, the visible Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) suggested effective optimization of their advertising budget. Sales Momentum: While Authentics had no prior sales data from online advertisements to compare with, the brand still witnessed an influx of sales. A significant portion of these sales came from customers known to indulge in complementary products online, signaling the efficacy of the newly adopted audience targeting strategy.

Inferences & Insights

Navigating without prior metrics to lean on, Authentics' endeavor sheds light on the essentiality of grasping customer behavior nuances and utilizing data-centric insights to sculpt advertising plans. Their maiden collaboration with Xpert, aiming at premium, purchase-inclined audiences, showcased the potential benefits of such a strategy. While direct comparisons of success metrics like ROAS were not available, the palpable enhancement in brand resonance with valuable customers in their niche was undeniable. Authentics' journey emphasizes that even in the absence of historical data, an astute, strategy-driven approach to audience targeting can pave the way for the prosperity of online advertising efforts, cultivating potential for robust sales and profitability.