The Magic of Targeting An Ideal Audience - Multiplying ROAS & Making STEM Learning Fun @ The Pretty Geeky


The Pretty Geeky is a publishing company that produces table-top games aimed at imparting STEM-based knowledge and skills in young minds. Despite running Facebook ads targeted at people interested in their products, they were not seeing the desired results. The visitors that landed on their website weren't serious buyers, and they needed to target a more premium audience. To improve their marketing and advertising, they decided to leverage Xpert’s purchasing audience data to help target their ads more effectively.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

To target their ideal audience, The Pretty Geeky used Xpert's carefully filtered audience data. They eliminated non-serious buyers and targeted ads to audiences with a past history of buying complementary products online such as kids’ apparel, toys, and DIY craft kits. Xpert's audience performance data revealed their buyers were homemakers or parents of young school-going kids, and were people interested in buying educational toys, active and comfortable clothing, as well as healthy snack foods for their young ones.

Results Achieved:

After implementing Xpert's audience targeting strategy, The Pretty Geeky was able to identify the traits and buying behavior of their target audience. This helped them to target a refined audience that was genuinely interested in their products, resulting in higher ROAS and CTR. They also noticed a significant decrease in their cost of customer acquisition. The Pretty Geeky's experience shows that identifying and targeting the right audience is crucial for companies looking to generate more sales and achieve better results from their marketing and advertising efforts.

Inferences & Insights

Xpert was built on the hypothesis that only 2% of India’s 400 million internet users are the core purchasers of DTC products. Therefore, by targeting only the core DTC purchasers, who do have a purchase history of such products and extrapolating their interests as well as their intent, it has been shown that advertising to such audiences is much more likely to result in conversions.

Scaling Beyond

The Pretty Geeky is now scaling beyond its current audience by expanding its marketing efforts to reach out to more well defined audiences that resonate with the brand’s products & philosophy. They are using Xpert’s well curated and diverse range of audiences and optimizing creatives to better connect with parents of young children and develop a strong brand presence in the education & creativity sector.

The Pretty Geeky achieved better ROAS and CTR by using Xpert to target its Ideal Audience.