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Redefining India’s Tea Drinking Habits & Lookalike Targeting - CupJi


Cup-Ji is a brand working towards redefining the beverage habits of India. Cup-Ji was born from a want of two individuals on a mission to find a healthy, effortlessly easy to brew, tasty, sugar-free hot beverage as an alternative to the traditionally consumed Tea, Coffee and Green Tea. Cup-Ji found India’s obsession with tea and the unhealthy aspects of it along with the healthy alternative of green tea being not appealing enough to the Indian palette. Hence they came up with a fun range of flavored green tea blends and integrated them inside their cups, making the process of tea making hassle free and habit of tea drinking a healthy one. As Cup-Ji is a team of young entrepreneurs they lacked experience in selling and marketing. With declining traffic on their website, they realized it was not viable to acquire customers through Facebook’s lookalike audience targeting, hence joined Xpert.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

Cup-Ji being a unique concept in the DTC market, it relied heavily upon leveraging lookalike audiences. Facebook lookalikes not being viable enough, Cup-Ji needed to upgrade their lookalike targeting. Xpert understood their products and the jobs that it was accomplishing for the consumers to create a lookalike audience of serious buyers across products. In order to refine the lookalike audience, people making complementary purchases of products such as active wear, cocktail mixes, food gift baskets, granola bars, trail and snack mixes were identified. To determine customer intent, people interested in exercise and fitness, yoga, healthy lifestyle were taken into consideration. Customer type was further specified to be males in Tier 1 cities.

Results Achieved:

Leveraging lookalikes with fewer deviations and of serious buyers, Cup-Ji’s newly targeted ads drastically outperformed its previous ad campaigns. A mind-blowing 300X increment in CTR meant Xpert’s audience responded way better than the one Facebook came up with. To top it off, a decent 24% decrease in CPC is a testimony of Xpert’s lookalike audience being more viable for the brand to target.

Inferences & Insights

Every brands customer 'lookalikes' is limited by the size of their customer base. Leveraging our lookalikes generated from past purchasers across complementary brands provide 10-100X greater data points for platforms to target & influence the right buyers.

Scaling Beyond

Achieving immediate success with Xpert, Cup-Ji continues its journey of innovation and execution to bring forth more appetizing flavors of green tea for their customers. Xpert will keep providing them improved lookalike target audience to sustain their recent spike of growth.

Within a week the number of website visitors drastically increased, With 300X increase in CTR, no doubt Xpert got us the right audience. - Jay Sotta , Co-Founder