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Leveraging XPERT Audiences with Meta Advantage Shopping Campaigns - Beyond Water


Beyond Water, a Shark-Tank brand dedicated to providing authentic, natural, and delightful refreshment experiences, faced a challenge in translating their remarkable product offerings into tangible sales through their Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. Despite generating sufficient website visitors, their conversion rates remained low, indicating a disconnect between the advertised audience and the actual buyers. To overcome this challenge, Beyond Water partnered with Xpert, a specialized audience targeting platform, to refine their approach and achieve a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Audience Strategy Undertaken

Beyond Water's initial approach involved targeting an interest audience based on generic interests related to their product range, including cocktail mixes, iced tea, electrolytes, and vitamins. While this approach generated traffic, it failed to attract serious buyers who aligned with the brand's premium offerings. Recognizing the need for a more effective audience strategy, Beyond Water collaborated with Xpert to leverage their advanced audience targeting capabilities. Xpert analyzed Beyond Water's existing customer base and identified a significant trend - the most engaged buyers were digital-savvy individuals who frequently purchased complementary products such as snack foods and beverages online. Armed with this insight, Beyond Water and Xpert implemented a refined strategy where customers possessing overlapping interests with their existing user base were targeted. Post initial success and having validated ROAS improvement, the brand decided to further allocate greater budget to Xpert audiences and pause their existing interest based audiences - which had a partial overlap. This resulted in further reduction in CACs and finally led the brand to leverage Xpert audiences as inputs into their Advantage Shopping Campaigns !

Results Achieved

The collaborative efforts of Beyond Water and Xpert resulted in significant improvements.Beyond Water witnessed a remarkable increase in their Return on Ad Spend. The refined audience strategy led to a higher conversion rate, as the ads resonated more effectively with the premium audience segment. Apart from that the cost per conversion dropped by 58%. Beyond Water had a Click-through rate of 0.76% and on leveraging the Xpert platform, it increased to 1.14%.

Inferences & Insights

The success of Beyond Water's collaboration with Xpert underscores the critical importance of precision targeting in digital marketing. Generic interest-based targeting can generate traffic, but it takes a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors and preferences to drive meaningful conversions. By tailoring their approach to focus on the premium audience segment with a history of purchasing complementary products online, Beyond Water effectively increased their ROAS, engagement, and overall campaign success. This case study serves as a reminder that digital advertising is most impactful when it is rooted in data-driven insights, offering a compelling example of how a partnership between a brand and a specialized audience targeting platform can lead to significant improvements in campaign performance and overall business success.

By stacking Xpert audiences that worked together, and pausing overlaps from existing Interest audiences - our CACs reduced significantly. Leveraging these audience combinations as inputs in AS+ campaigns further gave the next boost.