Kids Clothes That Look Cute and ROAS That Looks Comfortable- Cuddles For Cubs


Cuddles for Cubs is a children's clothing brand that creates high-quality, comfortable, and cute clothing for kids. Despite having a product line that exudes cuteness & comfort, the brand was struggling to convert website visitors into serious buyers. They leveraged Xpert to help them identify and target their premium audience better.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

Xpert helped Cuddles for Cubs target their ad spends to audiences who had a past history of purchasing in similar or adjacent product categories such as premium maternity wear, baby food, baby & toddler grooming products, and toys online. Xpert's audience performance data revealed that their buyers were new generation parents who were comfort-loving, appearance-conscious individuals who wanted to get the best for their young ones.

Results Achieved:

By targeting their premium audience better, Cuddles for Cubs saw a significant increase in website conversions and a decrease in bounce rates. Cuddles For Cubs was able to decrease their cost of customer acquisition by a significant 129%. In addition, their ROAS showed a remarkable increase of 52%. With Xpert's help, they were able to identify and understand their target audience better, leading to more effective marketing campaigns and increased sales.

Inferences & Insights

Using platform-level generic targeting criteria around demographics & interests - ends up defining an audience that’s too broad to drive a better ROI for brands. Leveraging actual user behavior basis their past purchases, their motivations towards making it (jobs to be done) & the specific types of customers relevant to be served by their product - make this target customer definition much tighter & hence effective in driving brand objectives.

Scaling Beyond

With the success of their targeted ad campaign, Cuddles for Cubs can now focus on scaling their marketing efforts and expanding their product line in accordance with their audience’s identity & activity traits. By continuing to use Xpert's audience performance data to target the right customers, they can continue to see increased success and growth.

Xpert's audience performance data helped us unlock a new level of precision in targeting our ideal customers. We are grateful for the insights that have enabled us to grow our sales.