Beauty and Personal Care

Improving ROAS By Supercharging AS+ Ad Campaigns With Relevant Audience Inputs for Arata


Arata, a pioneering hair care brand in India, was founded with a vision to revolutionize the hair care industry by delivering authentic and excellent products. Despite their commitment to quality, their digital marketing efforts were facing challenges in converting visitors to serious buyers. Their Facebook and Instagram ads, aimed at a general audience interested in personal care products, weren't yielding the desired results. Although they managed to drive traffic to their website, the conversion rate remained low.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

To tackle this conversion challenge, Arata turned to Xpert, a data-driven audience targeting platform. Through in-depth analysis of past purchasing behaviors, Xpert identified an audience segment that not only had a history of buying hair and skin care products but also had a penchant for premium apparel and accessories. This audience also demonstrated a strong commitment to eco-conscious practices. Xpert thus strategized to target an audience built basis these inferred variables, which showed to highly resonate with Arata's brand values, positioning, and product offerings. Furthermore, after a week of careful monitoring and analysis of audience activity, a decision was made to weed out underperforming segments and exclusively incorporate the most relevant and high-performing audiences into Meta’s AS+ (Advantage Shopping) Campaigns. This strategic move quickly turned the tide in their favor, and Arata began witnessing an upward trajectory in their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) figures.

Results Achieved

With Xpert's refined audience targeting strategy in place, Arata experienced a remarkable transformation in their digital marketing outcomes. By eliminating non-committal visitors and channeling their marketing efforts towards a more probable-to-convert audience, Digital Ad Spends were now being strategically allocated to serious buyers with well defined features. The results were evident. Arata saw a significant ROAS increase from 2.13 to 3.37!

Inferences & Insights

The collaboration with Xpert allowed Arata to fine-tune their audience targeting strategy, resulting in a more effective and efficient digital marketing campaign. By recognizing the traits of their real buyers and leveraging Xpert's precision targeting, Arata was able to channel their resources towards a premium audience that aligned with their brand values and exhibited higher purchasing intent. The success story of Arata's partnership with Xpert showcases the importance of data-driven audience segmentation and targeting in driving business growth.

Testing Methodology

By transferring successful audiences to Meta's AS+ campaigns and removing underperforming ones, Arata boosted its ROAS from 2.13 to 3.37, illustrating the significance of precise data-driven targeting in driving business growth