Improving CTR's, By Defining A Better Target Customer! - Ace Nutrimony


Ace Nutrimony is a DTC health and personal care brand that has given vitamins and dietary supplements a new and tasty twist. The brand offers its supplements in the form of gummy bears (which it refers to as ‘gummies’) and oral strips. Helping people integrate these supplements into their diets and daily routines, Ace Nutrimony aims to improve nutrition and promote healthier lifestyles. The brand had leveraged generic interests around health and wellness specifically people interested in healthy food, healthcare, fitness, and nutrition - as part of their 'Interest-based' audience that they used to target their Facebook Ads. It had been observed that their Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for this audience was significantly lower compared to their category benchmarks. Lower CTR was affecting their Ad delivery & effectively resulting in spending for more impressions to drive the required visitors. With an intent to drive more relevant traffic that responded to their Ads and eventually made more purchases, Ace Nutrimony joined the Xpert Platform.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

To identify a more relevant audience that responded to their creatives, three key criteria were considered. 1. Complementary & Substitute Purchases: What other products were their customers already buying to complement their wellness products (vitamin tablets, supplements etc). & their substitutes ( Gummies Vs Oral Strips Vs Sprays). 2. Jobs To Be Done : Developed on the insight that users purchase products to accomplish specific jobs - 'Healthy Hair" & Glowing Skin got identified as the key jobs which their product helped address - unlocking other adjacent products solving the same job (Ex: Shampoo, Moisturizer) . 3. Customer Types : Relates to common segments among the customer base - that is health conscious and interested in personal grooming - primarily women. On the basis of intersection across these criteria a targeted audience list got developed & tested with their existing Ad creatives.

Results Achieved:

By leveraging the Xpert platform, Ace Nutrimony made its ads visible to members of the lookalike audience that was developed on the basis of its own customers and their transaction history with the brand. It was observed that compared to the lookalike audience and the audience that Xpert had developed, there was a 34% increase in Landing Page Conversions and there was a 77% increase in its Click-through Rate.

Inferences & Insights

Using platform-level generic targeting criteria around demographics & interests - ends up defining an audience thats too broad to drive a better ROI for brands. Leveraging actual user behavior basis their past purchases, their motivations towards making it (jobs to be done) & the specific types of customers relevant to be served by their product - make this target customer definition much tighter & hence effective in driving brand objectives.

The tweak in our Ad targeting, got the same Ad creatives to perform better. We started driving more visitors, for the same impressions and eventually more purchases. - Raj Patel , Founder.