Finding the Right Audience: How Xpert Helped Bebe Burp Boost Conversion Rates and Decrease Customer Acquisition Costs


Bebe Burp was a baby food certified company founded in 2018 with the aim to provide healthy, safe, and delicious food options for children. Their products are prepared using traditional grandma's recipes that have natural ingredients, delivering the right balance of nourishment to kids. The brand was facing stagnancy with generic interest-based marketing on Facebook and Instagram, leading to lower ROI on ad costs. They needed to improve their conversion rates and attract more serious buyers to their website.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

Bebe Burp turned to Xpert, leveraging its purchasing audience to eliminate non-serious buyers and target their ad spends to audiences who had demonstrated a past history of purchasing complementary products such as healthy, ready-to-cook meals, organic grocery items, baby & toddler clothing, and kids’ toys online. Xpert's audience performance data revealed that their buyers could be identified as parents of young kids who were convenience seekers, working professionals interested in supporting a healthy lifestyle, and mindful caregiving products.

Results Achieved:

Xpert's audience performance data helped Bebe Burp to target their premium audience better, identify their customer's identity traits and buying behavior. The data-driven approach helped decrease their cost of customer acquisition and improve their ROAS and CTR. By refining their audience targeting, Bebe Burp was able to achieve a 147% reduction in cost per acquisition, and a whopping 74% improvement in ROAS.

Inferences & Insights

Every brands customer 'lookalikes' is limited by the size of their customer base. Leveraging our lookalikes generated from past purchasers across complementary brands provide 10-100X greater data points for platforms to target & influence the right buyers.

Scaling Beyond

With the success of their initial campaigns, Bebe Burp plans to introduce creatives & campaigns that cater to their audience's needs and preferences. The insights gathered from Xpert's audience performance data have helped them understand their customers better, and Xpert's data-driven approach has allowed Bebe Burp to make informed decisions, achieve significant growth, and build a stronger relationship with their customers.

We couldn't be happier with the results that Xpert's audience performance data provided. It helped us find our ideal customers and achieve a significant increase in our ROI.