Empowering Young Creators: The Talking Canvas' Journey to an Impressive CTR


The Talking Canvas is a brand founded by two sisters who believe in the power of art to develop children's creativity and self-expression. They offer a range of DIY art kits, creativity programs, challenges, and designed-by-kids merchandise to inspire and empower young creators. Despite having such a wide range of quality products that strongly appeal to young creative bugs and can greatly help parents in providing educational engagement to their young ones, the brand was not seeing effective marketing results through generic interest based targeting via Facebook and Instagram ads. Although the brand’s engagement on these ad platforms was significant, generating enough serious buyers was still a difficult task.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

To address this issue, The Talking Canvas partnered with Xpert to target audiences with a demonstrated history of purchasing complementary products such as educational toys, kid's apparel, and healthy snacks online. Xpert's audience performance data identified that The Talking Canvas’s core audience comprised homemakers and parents of toddlers, who were interested in employing art and play for their kids’ creative and cognitive development. Xpert’s audience analysis further revealed that the majority of the brand’s customers identified as Value-For-Money buyers and thus, were price sensitive.

Results Achieved:

With Xpert's audience selection, The Talking Canvas saw a significantly low cost of customer acquisition. Moreover they were able to see impressive CTR and ROAS as they were now able to target a premium audience with more precision, leading to a higher conversion rate and increased sales. The brand also gained valuable insights into their customers' identity traits and buying behavior.

Inferences & Insights

Using platform-level generic targeting criteria around demographics & interests - ends up defining an audience thats too broad to drive a better ROI for brands. Leveraging actual user behavior basis their past purchases, their motivations towards making it (jobs to be done) & the specific types of customers relevant to be served by their product - make this target customer definition much tighter & hence effective in driving brand objectives.

Scaling Beyond

The success of their collaboration with Xpert has enabled The Talking Canvas to use data-driven insights to optimize their marketing strategy further. They have now moved beyond their initial audience to expand their reach to a larger audience of hobby enthusiast parents and homemakers. By leveraging Xpert’s analysis and identifying their audience's buying behavior, they can better mould their creatives, optimize campaigns and target a premium audience.

Leveraging Xpert’s Audience helped us achieve an impressive CTR while also providing valuable insights into our customers’ buying behavior