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Decoding Luxury Buyers Through Xpert's Advanced Filters! - Amyra


Indian weddings & festivals are full of color, energy & fun. Carrying a boring monotonous bag as a part of your outfit is doing injustice to yourself & the whole vibe isn't it? AMYRA potlis, clutches & more add color & fine artistry to your accessories so they complement your celebration look like no other! Move beyond the dull & monotonous options with gorgeous AMYRA products that that are an amalgamation of traditional fabric and modern form! Each AMYRA product has been made from gorgeous details sourced from karigars across the country to bring you luxurious potlis, clutches, bucket bags, vintage purse and more for your next celebration! Identifying the target market of luxury apparels and accessories basis interest could be the wrong move! The reason being, not everyone can afford luxury products, most of ad impressions are likely to get wasted. The same concept is needed to be kept in mind while generating lookalike audiences too. To fix their targeting and generate a better custom and lookalike audience, Amyra joined Xpert.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

Xpert studied the brand and its products and came up with an amalgamation of custom and lookalike audience backed up with in depth attention to details. To understand complementary purchases Xpert considered the following products- body makeup, bridal kimonos, bridal veils, costume & stage makeup, face makeup, jewelry, lip makeup and makeup finishing Sprays. To understand customer’s intent; adhere to Indian traditions, express personal identity, feel confident, fit a particular occasion, plus-size, save the planet were taken into account. As for customer type, it was narrowed down to females in tier 1 cities.

Results Achieved:

Xpert’s purchase history based custom and lookalike audience turned out to be a game changer for the brand. We saw an 82% increase in CTR, which meant ad placement was better, Cost/ Conversion decreased by 26% and overall the ROAS increased by 22%.

Inferences & Insights

Xpert was built on the thesis that only 2% (10M) of India’s 400M Internet users are core dtc buyers (read more). By targeting core DTC buyers, with established past purchasing behavior, and extrapolating their interests, intent - audiences are far more likely to convert, basis just the open 'interest' targeting available.

Scaling Beyond

Moving forward Amyra has requested newer audience from Xpert to test out their upcoming and existing luxury products, and hope to sustain their recent success.

Xpert's combined targeting of custom and lookalike audiences unlocked the true potential of our ad campaigns! The results we achieved in a short period of time exceeded our expectations - Jatin Mandawat, Co-Founder.