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Crafting the Perfect Mix - How Xpert Stirred Up Bartisans' Digital Ad Success


Bartisans, conceived from a family's cocktail passion during the lockdown, champions the spirit of togetherness and joy with each crafted sip. Beginning as DIY cocktail kits, the brand quickly matured, pivoting towards crafting 100% natural and enduring cocktail mixers. Their journey, enriched by customer feedback and continuous refinement, celebrates not just the art of mixology, but also the shared human experiences that accompany each drink. However, despite this rich narrative, Bartisans faced challenges when leveraging Facebook ads. While they garnered ample visitors, conversions into sales remained elusive. The discernment was clear: many visitors weren't genuine buyers.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

Digging deeper into their consumer base, Bartisans observed that their genuine customers, those who culminated their interest into purchases, were predominantly digital-savvy natives with a track record of buying complementary products like snack foods and beverages online. To refine their advertising strategy, Bartisans partnered with Xpert, known for its specialized focus on purchasing audiences. Xpert's strategy was twofold: Eliminate Non-Serious Buyers: By tapping into its database, Xpert could identify and exclude users who demonstrated a mere browsing behavior without any substantial purchasing history. Niche Targeting: With its insights into user purchase histories, Xpert aided Bartisans in zoning in on an audience with a demonstrated preference for related products like snack foods and beverages. The idea was not just to find a cocktail lover, but someone who indulged in the entire cocktail experience.

Results Achieved:

Higher Conversion Rates: By trimming down to an audience more inclined to buy, Bartisans saw a significant uptick in the conversion rates. The traffic coming to their website now had a higher percentage of genuine buyers. Improved ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): With more accurate targeting, every ad dollar spent translated to better returns. The efficiency brought about by Xpert's audience targeting ensured that ad spends were channeled effectively, resulting in a boosted ROAS for Bartisans.

Inferences & Insights

The Bartisans-Xpert partnership underscores the importance of precise audience targeting in digital advertising. While general interest-based targeting can garner eyeballs, conversion-centric strategies require deeper insights into audience behavior. By understanding and targeting those who not only love cocktails but also engage in the holistic cocktail experience, Bartisans was able to transform their advertising strategy and outcomes. The case demonstrates the power of leveraging nuanced audience insights to achieve better advertising efficiency and returns.