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Celebrating Motherhood And Newborn Ad Targeting Strategies! - Nutrizoe


Nutrizoe is India’s 1st women nourishment focused brand with all natural, easy to have safe solutions from puberty period pains to being healthy moms. During pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby, a mother’s body goes through extreme changes and it needs proper nutrition and supplements to support them in all the ways possible. Nutrizoe’s array of products help moms of newborns with lactation, nausea in pregnancy, period pain, motion sickness, breast milk supply and many more. Developed with nanotechnology, Nutrizoe’s products are specially crafted by experts for moms. Nutrizoe’s target market being so specific, it struggled to get good ad performance with Facebook’s ad targeting. It not only needed to find the niche audience of pregnant and new moms but also needed to create the awareness regarding post pregnancy health. For better targeting, Nutrizoe joined Xpert.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

It was detrimental that Nutrizoe get their targeting on point as they are dealing with such a small and niche target audience. With no room for wasted ad impressions, Xpert developed The Nutrizoe audience with 3 key criteria in consideration. Firstly, we took complementary and substitute purchases into account, meaning what other products their customers were buying to complement their products (health & beauty, fitness & nutrition, vitamins & supplements). People who were also buying baby & toddler food, baby bathtubs & bath seats, baby bottle nipples & liners, baby bouncers & rockers, baby carrier accessories, baby care timers, baby formula, baby protective wear, baby strollers, baby wipes, bassinets & cradles, breast Pumps were determined to be potential customers of the brand. Secondly, Jobs To Be Done: Developed on the insight that users purchase products to accomplish specific jobs. In this case, we identified them to grooming hair, healthy skin, improve health & well being, increasing energy, pain relief, weight loss, women’s grooming etc were identified. Lastly, Customer type was ascertained to be parents of newborns, especially females across the country.

Results Achieved:

With the help of Xpert, Nutrizoe not only got access to an audience that was aware and serious buyer but also a lookalike audience based on complementary purchases across products. As a result of making ads visible to a refined audience, the brand saw a notable 176% increase in CTR and 50% increase in ROAS. The brand also had a 19% decrease in cost per conversions.

Inferences & Insights

Using platform-level generic targeting criteria around demographics & interests - ends up defining an audience that’s too broad to drive a better ROI for brands. Leveraging actual user behavior basis their past purchases, their motivations towards making it (jobs to be done) & the specific types of customers relevant to be served by their product - make this target customer definition much tighter & hence effective in driving brand objectives.

Scaling Beyond

After initial success, Nutrizoe plans to launch its new line-up of products in the immediate future, which includes Iron + Fortification for 3 Age groups, pre-pregnancy products, cancer care products. Xpert will continue providing the brand with relevant audiences for their upcoming products so that they can replicate the success in hand.

Our niche target market being so small, was appearing costly to reach out to. Xpert’s audience was beneficial for us in so many ways! The data talks for itself. - Richa Pendake, Founder