Appreciating Rich Legacy Of The Past And An Exciting Audience Targeting Future! - Yug


Yug is the new exciting way for your children to learn from our cultural legacy and bountiful past. Yug stands for the timeless lessons that can be drawn from the annals of India’s long history. At Yug , we believe every child should be well-versed in their culture and history. The brand has developed a range of interactive knowledge and learning products that help young children discover and celebrate the diversity of Indian culture, and delve into its history and prominent figures. Keeping today’s quick-witted and perceptive children in mind, Yug’s handcrafted products are contemporary in design, written thoughtfully and intended to instill curiosity and pride in India’s rich heritage and unmissable footprint in the world. Prior to Xpert, Yug didn’t have much experience in advertising and digital marketing. Yug wanted to identify its target audience and market them well to exponentially grow their business. Xpert being the expert in targeting was the perfect partner for Yug to begin its ad targeting journey.

Audience Strategy Undertaken

In this unique case without any prior information of audience or existing Facebook ad campaigns, Xpert came up with an audience for the brand with the intention of providing them a cohort of relevant core DTC buyers with similar and complementary purchases to get the best out of their ads. Xpert identified the target audience to be parents, DIY enthusiasts from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities with an interest or purchase history in premium art and craft kits, art and drawing toys, handcrafted items adhering to Indian tradition.

Results Achieved:

Upon trying out Xpert’s audience , Yug had very satisfactory results. Their cost/conversion was at a very modest number considering their AOV drastically increased through Xpert’s audience. Yug also saw a promising ROAS and CPC which was for them a very encouraging start to their digital marketing journey.

Inferences & Insights

Xpert was built on the thesis that only 2% (10M) of India’s 400M Internet users are core dtc buyers. By targeting core DTC buyers, with established past purchasing behavior, and extrapolating their interests, intent - audiences are far more likely to convert, basis just the open 'interest' targeting available.

Scaling Beyond

With Xpert’s help Yug had a very successful initiation of their ad targeting journey. Now they want to continue this partnership to further their success and business goals.

Xpert has given us the perfect start on our D2C journey. The audience they provided us gave us results beyond our expectations with high AOV and low Cost/Conversions. - Sonam Mantri, Founder