We heard companies complain that

new hires aren't skilled & trained well enough!

The jobs in demand today, didnt exist 10 years ago. Colleges & curriculums find it difficult to keep up with this rate of change & hence cant train students for these jobs. The true teachers & mentors are the same working professionals that have experience in doing & excelling at the job. So we built Xpert to solve it. Xpert is an online school which aims to help students and graduates discover relevant career options and get job ready under the mentorship & guidance of able industry professionals. To know more click here.

We always stand by

our values


  • Industry Practitioners over Teachers

    Who better to teach and train you other than the people are best at it. Industry pratitioners teach you application of knowledge.

  • Porfolio Over Degrees

    We believe in showcasing your on the job skills over degrees/certificates can help you get and survive at a job.

  • Sharing Knowlege Is a Duty

    Industry Experts Are Dedicated, Knowledgable, Selfless & Grateful. They always are looking for ways to help young talent grow.

  • Learning By Doing

    Nothing surpasses having hands-on knowledge. No books, videos, sessions and courses can help you skill that you learn by doing.

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