Simplifying Acquisition For D2C Brands!

Target & Convert 'Hot' d2c buyers, leveraging their interest and transaction history. Engage them via emails, direct mail & 3rd party apps(soon!).


What is XPERT Ads?

We're an acquisition solution for D2C brands who are looking to effectively target new customers! Leveraging purchase history across brands, we build deep customer profiles around user interests enabling brands to Initiate direct conversations with prospects.

  • We're razor focussed on D2C & handpick every brand that applies from the waitlist.
  • Post selection, our expert team works with them closely to craft their communication & successfully setup their campaigns!
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How it works?

  • 1

    Apply to join our waitlist.

  • 2

    Leverage XPERT guidelines to craft your messaging.

  • 3

    Define your target audience and start your campaign.

  • 4

    Track your conversions and sales real-time.

Why XPERT Ads?

Finding customers via Facebook & Google, becomes expensive (& harder!) over time, since all brands end up targeting the same base of 'engaged shoppers'. These users that are most likely to convert - are also the most expensive to reach! We're aiming to build & reach that similar audience across other channels that are cheaper & clutter free.

Reach 'Engaged D2C Shoppers' ONLY

Kids toys and cookies, socks and shoes, pet food and leash - what do they have in common? The buyers. Leverage these buying audiences, developed around your product.

Clutter Free - 'Direct' 1:1 Channel

Advertising is effective only when it is not perceived as advertising. Reach their inbox & gain their undivided attention with personalised messaging. Receive their replies & build stronger ties. Build and nurture your users via conversations.

Personalized Messaging at Scale

Start a conversation, NOT a sale. Build out your story , share your narrative. Each message once crafted appears handwritten for its recipient.

Performance Tracking & Optimization

Get rewarded with greater audience reach, for higher click & open rates. Track your conversions & ROAS realtime.

Our Campaign Types

Here's how we're intending to reach & influence new prospects for your brand:


We provide you with targeted email acquisition campaigns .

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Direct MAIL

Send offers via postcards and product catalogs

Coming soon


We will enable XPERT loyalty program with our network of brands.

Coming soon

Our XPERT Network

What can you do via XPERT Ads?

Acquiring users is just not selling. You need to change your game plan. While your 1:1 campaigns with us here's what you can share with your potential users:

Share your Story

Users remember stories not facts. Share your origin and purpose of existence with them.

Promote Offers

Stop flashing discounts. Share a personalized coupon.

Educate Users

Empathise and educate users on solutions to their needs.

Announce New Launch

Update them on new product launches, nurture their relationships.

Share Samplers

Get targeted users to revert back with sampler requests for trials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Campaigns are charged on a performance basis. With higher performing campaigns being rewarded with maximum reach at the lowest cost. Minimum cost starts from Rs 10,000. Minimum cost starts from Rs 10,000.
You will get access to your dashboard to track your campaign at each stage - delivery, opens, clicks and conversions.
Once you have integrated your site, you will go through a 2 week training session to help you setup your campaigns with ease.
Currently, only open to Xpert cohort brands and our expert's organisations can apply to join the waitlist. Only shopify users. We review each application, their transaction volume and their target audience to match against our network before moving you off the waitlist.
Once you have been removed from the waitlist, the team will fire and email to understand your audience and campaign objective, you will then have to integrate your site based on experts instructions to help us serve your campaigns to the most relevant audience.
After application it takes minimum of 2 weeks to get your campaign started. We build your audience and train your team before we begin.