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  • You are an influential HR leader, having more than three decades of experience in human resources working with top-ranked companies globally. How do you look at your career journey today?
  • What is the future role of human resources 2020 -2025?
  • What is your best piece of career advice for HR aspirants who wants to be great at their job?
  • With a collective experience of more than three decades, working in multiple organisations across various verticals, your corporate journey must have been truly exciting. How would you describe your journey?
  • In spite of being indispensable, HR as a function has been underestimated. What are your thoughts on this, and, can you share some measurable KPIs that reflect the effectiveness of the function?
  • What are the critical differences observed in the cultural amalgamation between hires made at leadership and entry level and how do you facilitate a smoother integration?
  • With the Indian economy experiencing a period of intense growth and investment at present, what are the main challenges before the HR industry in the coming years?
  • Some employers adopt personalised mentoring, whereas some believe that learning is more self-taught, particularly when training is delivered online. What are your views on the same?
  • Do you believe that Social Media has impacted HR strategy? What trends do you foresee about the role of Social Networking in HR?
  • How can an organization balance out the presence of a multi-generational workforce ranging from Baby Boomers to Gen Z especially from the perspective of processes, practices, and policies that exist in it?
  • As a leader, what are the most important decisions that you are required to take in your organization?
  • You have joined Lupin in the mid of 2018, what is your vision for HR? What are the significant changes that you brought to the organization and how?
  • There is a perception that the HR function, particularly in India, has taken longer to adapt to technology. What is your advice to companies who are just beginning to change their traditional way of working in HR?
  • Is there a way to succeed without the stamp of a degree?
  • What is culture to you? How do you ensure to humanize your workplace?
  • What are mindfulness and mental health HR practices at Lupin?
  • How do you evolve the digital ecosystem with humanity to fetch the best employee experience?
  • Few people had predicted HR will be dead by 2020. Does HR have a future?
  • Many new HR titles are having a moment, like- Human Relations, Humanity in Relationship, and etc. Why are we rethinking new titles? Is the future of HR to put the human/ human spirit back in HR?
  • What are the top 5 HR challenges in India?
  • The government has done many labour law reforms, what is your opinion on these reforms especially on minimum wages code?

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