Vishal Sagar

Creative Director at Dentsu Webchutney

  • What do you do if an ad campaign is unsuccessful?

    One does a lot of research to ensure that ad campaings work but sometimes markets trip the research. In such cases, we just try to learn all the reasons why the campaign did not do well. While that doesn't change anything for that campaign but we do have valuable learnings for the next. Fate of campaigns depend a lot on consumer behaviour and it is of utmost importance to understand it as accurately as you can. That's why insights matter a lot.

  • What is the best way to get into the profession of advertising?

  • Do you think a creative campaign overshadows the advertised product or adds value to it?

  • How do you handle dissatisfied clients?

    Start with finding out the reason of dissatisfaction. If it is nothing personal and can be addressed by improving things at your end, build for it.

  • What are the tools required to create an ad campaign?

    Tools would be your curiosity, your life experience, your understanding of the brand and category and then of course photoshop, microsoft word and so on and so forth. The biggest tool is people.

  • What was the most challenging moment in your career?

    It was not a moment but an instance. There was a big idea that my art partner and I believed in. Nobody in the agency believed in it but we were very sure of it. We tried our best to show ppl what we could see. It took us 4 months internally and then 2 months at client's end to convinve everyone. The idea finally got out and was a huge hit. But it put us through a lot.

  • How do you see your job evolving in the future?

  • How was your experience with your first job?

    It was fab. I started with Saatchi & Saatchi. It was a great learning experience for me. I was in the company of all these great guys and I could learn so much just by looking at their process and approach.

  • What motivated you to choose this career?

    I was always intrigued by advertising. I enjoyed writing pretty early on in my life. I think it was a mix of 2. I did finish my engineering since I had no clue on how to get into advtg