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Virender Sehwag is a former Indian cricketer. Widely regarded as one of the most destructive batsmen of all time, Sehwag played as an aggressive right-handed opening batsman and also bowled part-time right-arm off-spin. He played his first One Day International in 1999 and joined the Indian test side in 2001.

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  • You have had some stints as a motivation speaker. How did the first motivational talk come about?
  • You’ve set up a school, you deliver motivational talks, you’re the cricket-specific boss at Kings XI Punjab. What else keeps you engaged?
  • Do you prepare for motivational talks?
  • Is this current Indian team too reliant on Virat Kohli?
  • What put you on the path of starting the Sehwag Internation School?
  • Is politics on the horizon for you?
  • How has the IPL fast tracked the growth of the younger generation?
  • How did playing in the IPL benefit you financially?
  • How successful has the IPL been ever since it came into existence?
  • Why do you think the IPL is the biggest league in comparison to the other leagues around the cricketing nations?
  • What sort of struggle did you face as a budding cricketer?
  • Have you ever drawn inspiration from an athlete who is not a cricketer?
  • A sporting career can be a struggle for anyone, when the sport in question isn’t cricket. Is this your way of ensuring the spotlight is turned on people who’ve been left out in the cold by the obsessive focus on cricket?
  • A lot of people described you as “a complete original”, a kind of player that has not been seen before. Is that something that you realise as well? Do you think you have changed the game and the approach to opening the batting in a fundamental way?
  • A lot of people talk about the positive and negative impact of the IPL. What do you think about the IPL’s impact?
  • Do you have people coming up to you and saying that I wish there were a couple of other people who would bat like Sehwag? People say David Warner is the young Sehwag. Do you think you have impacted the game in that way?
  • There are concerns about the impact of the IPL on the mindset of young players who only focus on T20. Some say cricket is taught in academies around the country now with the IPL in mind.
  • You have had two long stints in domestic cricket, one before your debut and one after you were dropped. Have things changed at the domestic level and what are the things that you would like to see happen?
  • The other thing is how state associations are run. You have had enough experiences with your state association. Is it a problem that state associations are not run very efficiently?
  • I think there was a time when you were dropped from the Delhi U-19 team as well?
  • You have the three highest scores by an Indian in Test cricket. Which was the innings that gave you the greatest satisfaction?
  • You said recently that if there is one regret of yours, it is not having a 400 in Test cricket. Is that one thing you wanted to achieve?
  • A lot was written about your relationship with Dhoni.
  • So was it all media speculation?
  • What kind of a coach would you be?
  • You did very well as a team overseas. Do you think that travelling better should be the biggest focus area for India?
  • How would you like to be remembered?
  • Will Kings XI Punjab bid big this season?
  • For the 2018 IPL, Do you think any player will fetch more than Virat Kolhi’s Rs.17 crore price?
  • Punjab fans are wondering: Why did you decide to retain Axar Patel despite so many international stars in the team?
  • Were you surprised when your Delhi colleague Gautam Gambhir wasn’t retained by KKR?
  • What about Gayle? Surprised that RCB didn’t retain him?
  • What kind of impact has the IPL made on Indian cricket according to you?
  • People say cricket nowadays is taught in academies around the country with the IPL in mind. How do you feel about this changing the attitude of youngsters towards the longer format because they are focusing only on T20?
  • Which was the innings that gave you the greatest satisfaction?
  • What kind of a coach would you be?
  • What would be an ideal mix when it comes to the Indian squad for the 2019 World Cup?
  • How did you approach matches against Pakistan?
  • Are Indian fans too influenced by performances in the IPL?
  • Did the reputation of the bowlers you faced worry you?
  • Is it embarrassing to be compared to Sachin Tendulkar?
  • How difficult was it to recalibrate your batting from a one-day opener to a Test opener?
  • What is the effect of confidence on a player like you?

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