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  • Why only 10% of people succeed?

    Over 90% of people fail….to achieve their goals…/dreams/success….. Wanna know… Why do they fail? The answer is simple…. It is because they know….. What to do…. They know…. How to do….. But they don’t KNOW…. WHY they do…… So here in the context business….. I would say….. Before doing or starting out any business… First, you must know…. Your “CORE WHY” I mean find out….. Why do you want to do business? Why do you want to succeed in business? Why do you want to make money online? In cut short…. I would say…. You must know your CORE WHY… Because…. When you feel LOW…. When you feel Discourage… When you Feel like Quitting up…. When you feel like Giving up….. When you feel Alone… When people believe that you can’t succeed…. In other words, they don’t believe in YOU… Even at some point… When your family, girlfriend, boyfriend, relatives, friends don’t believe in You… Then here…. It is your CORE WHY…. What Moves You…. It’s your Core Why…. What Drives You…. It’s your Core Why…. That Fires you Up….

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  • Who are the 4 types of people to surround yourself with for success?

    Success doesn’t occur in a vacuum. In reality, several factors lead to the success of an entrepreneur. Hard work and drive are always necessary for entrepreneurial success, but your personal improvement leading up to your success can be greatly driven by other people. The people we choose to surround ourselves with the impact the way we think, act, and feel on a day-to-day basis. In many ways, entrepreneurial success is determined much like success in any other aspect of life. A young football player is going to succeed if he surrounds himself with people who push him to become better, not people who distract him from his potential. As entrepreneurs, we are responsible for ourselves. Surrounding yourself with the right type of people can help success come more naturally to you than being around those who might hold you back. Here are some people you should keep close throughout your pursuits. Relentless workers: You probably know somebody who is a relentless worker, or perhaps you are one yourself. These types of workers push us to work harder each and every day. While measuring personal success against the success of another is like comparing apples and oranges, we can measure our drive with the drive of other relentless workers. True passion and commitment will breed a successful business. Positive attitudes: People tend to be better at what they’re doing if they’re happy. Negative attitudes can drag down work ethic and they don’t offer any inspiration for success or innovation. Surrounding yourself with negative people can bog down your creativity and drive and it could ultimately be the downfall of your business. People with positive attitudes can actually have the opposite effect, facilitating your leap towards success more effectively. Bringing happiness inside the workplace will keep morale high and will keep people looking forward. People who ask questions: Albert Einstein once said, “the important thing is to not stop questioning.” As entrepreneurs, we should constantly be asking questions about ourselves and our business. However, no single person will think of every important question. People who ask questions may provide a different angle on an issue or an idea, and these questions could ultimately lead to an important breakthrough for you or your business. Perspective is everything. Dreamers: Some non-entrepreneurial types will consider all entrepreneurs “dreamers.” However, we understand that setting goals and working hard will help us achieve what many consider to be unachievable. To keep this drive going, we should always be surrounding ourselves with people who have similar goals in mind. These dreamers don’t even need to be involved in the same industry as you or your business; the important thing is that you keep close people with big plans for themselves. Seeing other people’s drive will keep you hungry to reach your goals. You are the sum of who you spend your time with. Make sure that you are directly involved with people who lift you, inspire you, and motivate you to do and be more. As you grow and your business grows, this might mean changing friends and colleagues, and that’s part of life. Just trust that hard work, positivity, and keeping your sights high are things you can’t risk deviating from if you want the life you dream of.

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  • What do you have to say about failures? How do you think one could overcome it?

    We all know that living our purpose and accomplishing our dreams takes a high level of commitment. We’re working on becoming a version of ourselves we’ve never been before, so naturally, it’s difficult! We’re human so from time to time we will make mistakes, we will fall back into old habits, and we won’t live up to our own expectations. That’s a part of life. When we’re honest with ourselves about that, we can then give ourselves more grace to spend less time beating ourselves up. If we don’t, it can lead to waves of… Discouragement, Disappointment, Guilt/shame, And a whole bunch of other destructive emotions that never seem to end. When we practice self-love and forgiveness, we have a much stronger foundation to begin again. We can recommit to our goals and our dreams with a sense of understanding that it’s okay that we’ve fallen off track. Remember, this is an inevitable part of the process, so we have to be willing to start fresh and recommit again and again and again! For example, at the beginning of this year, I committed to exercising 6 days a week (which was quite a tall order since I hadn’t worked out consistently for 2 or 3 months). I did well the first week, but then the second week I only worked out 3 or 4 times. “Okay,” I thought to myself, “it happens and I’ll do better next week.” The next week rolled around and it was even worse… I only worked out twice. I felt annoyed at myself and wondered if I was even capable of living in this commitment fully. Think about your commitments for a second. Are you the type of person who gives up if you’ve failed just twice? Do you “throw in the towel” and believe it’s just not meant to be? OR Are you the man / are you the woman who decides that you’ll never give up? We all have those nagging thoughts that can bring us down, but we have to acknowledge them and tell ourselves, “I am more than that.” That’s the mindset I went into this week with, that I AM the man who stays committed to his dream. I’m proud to say that this week I’ve been fully aligned with my workout schedule and I couldn’t have done it if I believed in those negative thoughts. As you head into this weekend, I hope this message inspires you to recommit to your goals and your dreams for 2020 if you’ve fallen off track. Remember, it’s okay! It happens in everyone’s life, so you’re not alone! If your dream really matters to you, then NOW is the time to look at yourself in the mirror and decide what kind of person you’re choosing to be. Claim a new beginning for yourself and have an awesome weekend!

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  • Do you know why the decisions you make, make the difference between rich and poor?

    We all long for the freedom to choose. This is why throughout history people have fought for and given their lives to, the cause of freedom. This is why families will leave everything to emigrate from an oppressive country to a free one. This is why we celebrate great men like Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gandhi. But like most freedoms, the choice is a double-edged sword. When we’re free to choose, we’re free to make decisions that are good but also bad decisions. Often, what separates the successful from the unsuccessful, the rich from the poor, is the choices that we make. So, everyone has got choices we chose to be free and start building a business or become a slave in a job for the whole life and work for someone with their terms and conditions! That is what for you to spend lacs on your education? Ask yourself and make a decision.

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  • What really matters in life?

    When a person goes into the operating room, he will realize that there is one book that he has yet to finish reading – “Book of Healthy Life”.Whichever stage in life we are at right now, with time, we will face the day when the curtain comes down. Treasure Love for your family, love for your spouse, love for your friends…Treat yourself well. Cherish we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realize that wearing a $300 or $30 watch – they both tell the same time…Whether we carry a $300 or $30 wallet/handbag – the amount of money inside is the same; Whether we drive a $150,000 car or a $30,000 car, the road and distance are the same, and we get to the same destination. Whether we drink a bottle of $300 or $10 wine – the hangover is the same; Whether the house we live in is 300 or 3000 sq ft – loneliness is the same. You will realize, your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world. Whether you fly first or economy class, if the plane goes down – you go down with it…Therefore... I hope you realize, when you have mates, buddies and old friends, brothers and sisters, who you chat with, laugh with, talk with, have sing songs with, talk about north-south-east-west or heaven and earth, …. That is true happiness!! Five Undeniable Facts of Life : 1. Don’t educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. So when they grow up they will know the value of things, not the price. 2. Best awarded words in London … “Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise, you have to eat medicines like your food.” 3. The One who loves you will never leave you for another because even if there are 100 reasons to give up he or she will find one reason to hold on. 4. There is a big difference between a human being and being a human. Only a few really understand it. 5. You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when you die. In between, You have to manage! NOTE: If you just want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone! But if you want to Walk Far, Walk Together! Six Best Doctors in the World 1. Sunlight 2. Rest 3. Exercise 4. Diet 5. Self Confidence and 6. Friends Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy a healthy life.

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