Vikas Kumar

Founder at DIGITOONZ.

  • What different circumstances you faced in your childhood you think that helped you in this journey?

    My childhood life was a normal life. I grew up in the village where we were facing challenges on daily basis including leaving without electricity. I was an average student.

  • How do you choose your investors?

    I don’t have any investors in my company but if Inhave to choose, I will always choose a broad minded people.

  • What things have you done which haven’t worked? What was the learning ?

    Yes, I tried running a digital channel and that didn’t workout but it was a failure of our team so I know where we lacked. I am gearing up again to do in a different way but won’t leave it.

  • Do young entrepreneurs understand what the implications of raising money are?

    I don’t think and I believe they shouldn’t understand.

  • Did you ever feel like giving up during tough times?

    NO, Not at all. I love what I am doing.

  • What resistance did you face while trying to change your industry?

    I didn’t changed my industry much.

  • How do you advise upcoming entrepreneurs to use capital?

    Don’t spend too much. Keep your overhead and monthly expenses lower. this will help you in bad time.

  • How did you receive your initial funding?

    My company started with 0 investment.

  • How should one decide the right market to focus on ?

    Look this is completely depends person to person. You should do a small research about competition and how many other players are in market and how they are doing.

  • What are your thoughts on India’s future in Entrepreneurship?

    there are two scenarios before COVID19 and after COVID19. Market will be very slow for next couple of years.

  • What are the struggles that you faced in your early days?

    I am struggling everyday and it’s countless. Sometime I struggled for resources. it depends on the situation.

  • What are some of the mistakes you wish you’ve avoided?

    I trust people very easily and that is one mistake I do all the time.

  • What made you become an entrepreneur?

    I am self motivated and I can’t report to anyone.

  • How important is it to develop the right culture in your company ?

    Give freedom and trust them.

  • What are three things that you have learned as an entrepreneur?

    Never get excited when you Succeed. Never get demotivated when you failed. Keep struggling.

  • What is the most important aspect to consider while hiring talent?

    I always prefer to hire average candidates. I am not good in working with genius people. I see their sustainability.

  • What are the primary marketing efforts that one should focus on?

    it depends on which industry you are working for but for all. Don’t lies to your customers.

  • Are you happy with the current form of yours and if not what would you like to change?

    I am happy with our current growth but not satisfied. I am looking forward to enhance my business in 2020-21

  • What is the dream that you aim to achieve for your company?

    I want to employ 5000 people in my company.

  • Being an entrepreneur, how does it feel to let go of control and authority?

    You will have to live with these changes because you can do everything by own when Organization is smaller but you cannot do everything when your organisation grows.

  • Describe that inflection point in your business which caused it to scale ?

    We changed our technology in 2014 and that helped us to scale up our compan a lot.

  • How do you see your job evolving in the future?

    I am seeing lot of job opportunities on Animation industry as even in this COVID19 breakout situation we were working smoothly.

  • Do you like following a daily regular routine? How important is discipline ?

    no, not at all. Living a discipline life is important these days.

  • What was the most challenging moment in your career?

    In 2010 when our partner left the company in 1 day notice and I took it from there.

  • What motivated you to choose this career?

    I am self motivated and came in this industry accidentally.

  • How was your experience with your first job?

    My first Job was in a Photo studio shop in Kamla Nagar, Delhi and my salary was Ra. 1500. It was ok.

  • What role did your educational background play in your career?

    I don’t think anything but would like to advise to work hard on Communication Skills and General IQ level.

  • How has your job evolved over the years?

    In 2010, we were around 30 people and in 2020 we are around 400 people team.

  • What are the 3 things every successful entrepreneur must-have?

    Himble, honestly and transparency.

  • What's the advice you would like to give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

    Maintain transparency in your organisation.

  • What is your biggest concern at your job? How do you manage it?

    Struggling for delivering on time.

  • Describe a typical day at work for you?

    3rd August. this is our foundation day and I always enjoy and celebrate to this day.

  • How did you rise in your role as a entrepreneur, what career hacks can you share?

    I don’t know how and when we grew up as it never happened overnight. we grew up slowly so we had enough time to digest our growth. I always focus on my work and go in so details.

  • How should one deal with competition ?

    You won’t enjoy your success without competition. however it is always important that how you deal with that competition.

  • What are the 3 things every successful entrepreneur must-have?

    Himble, honestly and transparency.

  • How has your job evolved over the years?

    In 2010, we were around 30 people and in 2020 we are around 400 people team.

  • What is the ideology behind your company?

    We always respect to the talent.

  • .What are your thoughts on the current education system and why most of the famous Entrepreneurs are drop-outs?

    Hahahahha. I am also a back benchers. I don’t think it’s about education system. We back banchers struggles to proof ourselves and that is the key point.

  • What do you fear the most as an entrepreneur?

    Honestly, I love taking risks. I don’t care about any losses or anything.

  • What is your revenue model? How did you decide on it ?

    We are an Animation Service Company and our revenue model is work for hire.

  • How should an entrepreneur handle failure?

    Sucess and failure is a part of life. Never jump too much when you succeed and never leave whatever you are doing when you get failed. Stay grounded.