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  • Which are the Digital Marketing tools you use frequently? Kindly list them along with the purpose of their use.

    Aweber for email newsletters, Sumo for social, Google DFP for Advertising Google Analytics Chartbeat for Visitor tracking Zoho suite of Apps and many more

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  • What according to you are the top 2-3 mistakes that bloggers/people make while using digital marketing to promote their business?

    Being Impatient, not understanding readers or target audience

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  • Any tips to new emerging Bloggers/Entrepreneurs?

    Don’t give up easily and don’t expect overnight success. It takes a lot of time and hard work to succeed. While it is important to have fun it is also important to not waste time. Focus on what is important to you. Follow your instincts and passion and don’t be afraid to seek advice. And most important of all – never be afraid to try and never be afraid to fail.

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  • How were you in studies? Do you think it is necessary for one to have good educational qualifications in order to do well in life?

    Well i would say I was generally pretty good in studies i think over time, I started concentrating more on work and less on studies. It is surely good to have basic good educational qualifications but if that does not happen, it should not stop you from thinking big and doing well in life. I believe individuals should concentrate more on skill building than collecting degrees.

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  • When did you decided to start FoneArena?

    I started FoneArena in 2005 and there was not a single resource in India which was giving info to Indian consumers about mobile phones available here. I grew up being fascinated by gadgets and even used to build my own computers. Most of my family and friends used to come to me for gadget advice. I was pursuing my Engineering and decided to build a simple mobile phone database and started to also blog about it. Getting the first 1000 visitors was a big achievement back then and as of today we have managed to serve over 500 million visitors not only in India but around the world

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  • Who is Varun in real life? What are your Hobbies?

    In real life Varun is a fun guy who is a techie at heart. I love to write and tweet. My Hobbies include listening to music , traveling and driving. Also playing computer games!

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