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  • How did somebody who started with a small operation of lending is now one of the most powerful bankers in Asia?
  • How did you start, the breaks you got and where are you headed
  • Was your family into trading?
  • What are your earliest memories of business?
  • What kind of financial consultancy did you have in mind? How old were you then?
  • What is your big picture view on the economy?
  • Tell us about your family
  • Why have you taken the field of finance?
  • What’s your assessment on the changes in Indian banking over the last few years ?
  • In the past when we had scams, it took years for investors to return. Now that we have lot of retail investors too putting money in stocks, would you worry ?
  • How has journey as an entrepreneur?
  • Do you regret not becoming a cricketer?
  • What is the secret of success?
  • How is India looking to you?
  • I think a lot has changed and you are a beneficiary of what has changed as far as the Indian economy and the Indian market is concerned, but since you used Bollywood analogy and you said it’s like watching a Bollywood movie. So where are we, are we at the interval point?
  • Who would that villain be?
  • You are into numerology also.
  • So if there is a villain in the story at this point in time, what should the hero do?
  • The RBI has now mandated all banks to link your lending rates to external benchmarks which means that all of you are going to drop interest rates?
  • So repo at what?
  • Which is naturally happening.
  • Which way is the economy headed and how do we trigger a revival?
  • How is the India situation?
  • How the policymakers should react to structural issues?
  • Recently, Moody's has changed its outlook on India. Your comments.
  • The transition of cleaning up the system is also impacting the real economy?
  • What are the things Kotak Group is doing right as you have the lowest NPAs?
  • Have we bottomed out in terms of the GDP fall?
  • When do you think the corporate lending picking up?
  • The government has initiated big mergers in the PSB space by focussing on 10 large and regional banks from over two dozen PSBs. What does it mean for the private sector?

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