Tiger Woods Curated

American Professional Golfer


  • Does the expectation to win every time you play scare you?

  • How does it feel to win the Green Jacket in 2019?

  • How did you celebrate your victory in 2019?

  • Did winning in 2019 made you look unreal in the eyes of your children or they consider you still the same?

  • What indication did you have that the 2019 championship week is going to be special for you?

  • What is the importance of not leaving too many putts short?

  • How did you respond to your opponents Francesco and Tony hitting the ball into the water?

  • How did you compete with your opponents in a game which was open for everyone to win?

  • How did you examined every possible scenarios to lead you to a calculated victory?

  • What was going through your mind when you were only two putts away from victory?

  • What is about Augusta National that makes it so special for you and your family?

  • How does your 2019 victory goes beyond golf and sports to overcoming adversities?

  • How much does it mean to you to win after a period of not knowing if you will be able to play golf again?

  • How excited are you to play with freedom after the major victory of 2019?

  • Do you think you can break Jack Nicolas’s record of 18 majors?

  • How much have you missed golf in your time away from the game?

  • How has being Tiger Woods been a burden for you?

  • How has being publicly humiliated because of your personal life effected your game and mind?

  • Why was winning just not enough for you and beating everyone was something you have always wanted?

  • Did you feel pressurized while playing Phil Mickleson or did you have fun even though you lost?

  • How do you think Golftv can be a instrumental in helping the young golf aspirants?

  • How do you feel a social media channel for golf can create new fan base to the team without invading your privacy?

  • Do you think a match between a different pair of golf players can attract as muuch attention as Tiger Woods versus Jack Mickleson?

  • What are some sport rivalries, apart from golf, that you would love to watch?

  • What is the importance of practice rounds in golf on Wednesdays a day before the main event?

  • How did you feel after becoming the most famous sportsman on the planet?

  • Being a shy person how do you cope with your fame and celebrity status?

  • Do you think you were born to be successful or success gradually came to you?

  • What kind of relationship did you have with your father?

  • How has being a parent changed you as a golfer and a person?

  • What is the kind of help that you are trying to give to the children through your charitable foundation?

  • How do you plan on playing competitively?

  • Why do you insist upon reading all the hate mails you get for being a colored person playing golf?

  • Why did you intend on taking a correspondence course from Standford University?

  • Why do you take being a role model in a very serious way?

  • Having such a mixed and complex ancestry from both your parents side how do you identify yourself?

  • What has been the most difficult thing to cope up with after becoming successful?

  • How would you describe yourself in terms of ethnicity?

  • How do you feel about the Augusta National planning to reconfigure the golf course after the championship where you decimated your opponents?

  • Why do you do clinics for kids?

  • Can you tell us a little bit about your friendship with NBA star Michael Jordan?

  • Do you believe seeing someone demonstrate their excellence can reaffirm the belief that anything in achievable in life?

  • Do golfers work out a lot?

  • What are the determining factors behind the tournaments that you choose to play?

  • Can you share an instance where you received people’s attention in a way which you consider wild?

  • Do you think the amount of attention you get is just too much to handle?

  • When did you start playing golf?

  • How did your name Eldrich become Tiger?

  • When did you decide to become a professional golfer?

  • If you were not a golfer what would you be?

  • What was it like to play college level golf?

  • Why did you choose Standford as your college?

  • Did you ever think why there were so few people of your color in the game?

  • How do you emotionally deal with the prejudice that you had to face as a black person in the sport?

  • What aspect of your game was the easiest thing to be spotted as great when you were young?

  • How have you reacted to the criticism by John Feinstein in his books?

  • Which golf course would you be very good at and which course will give you problems?

  • What are your pre-tournament routines?

  • Do you learn from the occasions when you don’t win?

  • What is your fascination with the golf stick, the ball and the cup?

  • What is it like to be a role model and did it ever burden you?

  • Do you think you are a great influence on young blacks?

  • How do you plan on solving the problem of young golf aspirants who cannot afford the sport?

  • Who do you try to beat yourself or the golf course?

  • How does it feel to play with legends?

  • With the recent success how have you been treated by the other players on tour?

  • What do you have to say about the bad things you have done?

  • What have been the frustrating moments of your injury?

  • How Tiger wood compares himself to Jordan?

    “I might be sort of like a Michael Jordan in basketball, something like that,”

  • How it feels of reading hate mails?

    “It reminds me of what I have to try and do. As people know, golf has been kind of an elitist sport …” he begins. “I got kicked off of golf courses numerous times, been called some pretty tough words to my face when I was even that old,”

  • What about those controversial Nike ads?

    “It’s something that Nike … they know me. They felt the same why I did, that golf needed to be shaken up,” he says. “Unfortunately that’s kind of an issue where there’s no grey area, you either like it or you don’t. But whether you like it or you don’t, it’s going to make people talk, and that’s how change occurs. Making people aware of a situation and then they can talk about it.”

  • What he told about his Stanford degree?

    “Golf is something totally different than education,” Woods says, describing that motivation. “Going back to when I grew up, my parents wouldn’t let me practice unless I had my homework done.”

  • How Tiger wood and Micheal Jordan became friends?

    “I guess my association with Nike did help that. But Mike’s in position where I think my life is going. And I went through some problems, I didn’t know how to handle certain situations. Like dealing with visibility, loss of privacy, articles, just people in general, and Mike helped me out because Mike has already been there. “He’s established himself as probably the best basketball player that’s ever lived, and he’s so well-known that what better person to relate to me than not a movie star, celebrity or anything like that but a guy who’s down to earth, who’s an athlete, who can relate to another athlete. And Mike is almost like my big brother right now.”

  • Does running destroy the body?

    Running over 30 miles a week for probably my first five or six years on the PGA Tour pretty much destroyed my body and my knees.

  • Can you detail your fitness routine?

    I used to get up in the morning and run four miles," Woods said. "Then I'd go to the gym and do my lift. Then I'd hit balls for about two to three hours. I would go play, come back, work on my short game. Then I'd go run another four miles.

  • Whats about you gum chewing habit?

    I’m chomping on this gum because I usually get hungry. I keep eating so much. And it curbs my appetite a little bit, which is nice. Most of the time, most of the issues I have at tournaments, I lose so much weight, as you all know.

  • What gum do you chew in competition?

    Well, Joey has this, um, orange, I think, I believe it’s Trident. I ended up getting hooked on it, too, because I like the sugar and the flavor. So yeah, that’s what Joey and I end up chewing to wake ourselves up.

  • You announced last year that you are writing a book called “Back.” ?

    I’ve been in the spotlight for a long time, and because of that, there have been books and articles and TV shows about me, most filled with errors, speculative and wrong

  • If you had one thing you could go back in time and tell your younger self, what would it be?

    Yeah, not run so much.

  • Which exercise destroyed your body?

    Running over 30 miles a week for probably my first five, six years on Tour pretty much destroyed my body and my knees.

  • How did you come to know about Kobe's death?

    I didn’t know until Joey just told me coming off 18 green. I didn’t really understand why the people in the gallery were saying ‘Do it for Mamba.’ But now I understand.

  • What are your feelings on the tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant?

    It’s a shocker to everyone. I’m unbelievably sad. It’s one of the more tragic days, and I think for me, the reality is just kind of sitting it, because I’m just hearing about it five minutes ago.

  • What do you remember most about your friend and fellow icon, the athlete nicknamed the Black Mamba?

    The fire. He burns so competitively hot. And the desire to win. He brought it each and every night on both ends of the floor. And not too many guys can say that throughout NBA history.