Tarun Khiwal Curated

Indian Fashion Photographer


  • Can you talk about your journey from being an engineer to India’s leading fashion photographers?

  • How do you relax your subjects?

  • How important is it for a photographer to have his own signature style?

  • What is the most inspiring project you have worked on?

  • Being a fashion photographer for two decades, how has your own visual language of fashion changed with the changing culture of fashion trends and culture?

  • What is the future of commercial photography in India? How is it different from when you started off and in today’s day and age?

  • You work in the Fashion Industry. For you, what are the differences between the Indian Market and the other major Fashion hubs (Paris, Milan, New-York)?

    Fashion in India is still at a very young stage where as Milan, Paris and New York, have been fashion hubs for ages now. We have a lot to learn from the west, yet we have a lot to offer as well in terms of textiles, weaving, embroidery etc. India is a huge country, with a vast culture and traditions. Every few hundred miles, the language people speak and the way they live changes. Our rich history, culture and architecture have immense possibilities to be incorporated into fashion and presented to the world. We need to figure out what our strengths are and bring in our sensibility instead of just following west. Artists like Manish Arora and Ritu Kumar have made the most of the Indian sensibility and taken it to International levels.

  • What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer?

    To be a fashion photographer one needs to learn to experiment and to be open to learning. Irrespective of one's genre of specialization in photography, every photographer needs to see and experience how life pulsates in the universe before one can start making images. Also, a great way of augmenting one's skills is to assist a photographer, as there aren’t many schools in India. By assisting one get to learn ‘hands on’ and also understand the workings of the industry.

  • What kind of camera and equipment/tools do you use most in your work?

    I started off with film and slowly made the transition to digital. I have been shooting on Hasselblad and 35 mm format also now most of work is through the digital medium. The cameras lights etc. vary from shoot to shoot. Apart from using flash, I love shooting on a continuous light source, and when you are working with continuous light source, anything can become your light, right from street light, to candle to a big HMI.

  • Where do you find your inspiration and how do pick your creative team?

    I am looking for my place and role in this universe and that search is taking me to different places. I derive my inspiration from everyday life and from everything that pulsates around me, the food I eat, the movies I watch, the music I listen to, animation movies I watch with my kids, it’s a different world altogether with kids, everything is so different, mysterious and magical, nothing is impossible in their world and if you pay little attention when you are with kids you will be surprised with your experience being with them. Apart from that the people I meet from different walks of life, especially when I am traveling. I try and travel as much as I can, travel is the best way through which one can derive inspiration. I am very open to absorb every experience that comes my way and is continuously flowing into me. The creative team depends from job to job, though I have developed a comfort level over the years with a few artists and individuals. I have worked with people with immense experience and on the other hand I have always been open to working with new talent, who have sparkling ideas and full of energy. When I combine that with my experience it becomes easy to create art. I am always very excited when I am working with a new team.

  • How studies are important in any field?

  • What was your memory when you picked up the camera for the first time?

  • How do you see this whole fashion photography going compare to where you started?

  • Apart from fashion in which photography you are interested in?

  • What kind of equipment you love to carry with you?

  • Share some tips to take good images with Nikon DSLR?

  • How do you perceive technology?

  • Compare to your previous camera does new camera with new technology making your task easier?

  • How do you see cameras with new technology in terms of operation?

  • Any tips you want to share with aspiring fashion photographers?