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Hari TN, the head of HR at Big Basket is now known as the start-up HR guy. This IITian and IIM graduate, spent long years at Tata Steel, first as an engineer and then in HR. He has also been through two mergers and acquisitions. He believes, in start-ups, jargons don’t count because one has to execute, perform and make things happen in real-time. Hari TN has spent 14 years at Tata Steel – first as an engineer and then as a senior HR executive – he was head HR, new initiatives. However, what Hari is now better known for, is his successful stints with goal-driven start-ups. Hari is currently the head-HR at Big Basket. Hari is also a successful author

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  • Other than better pay or job roles, what are the main reasons why people change jobs?
  • How important is Performance Management (P.M.) in today’s high-flux organization?
  • Whose responsibility is Performance Management?
  • What are the key gaps in current industry practices in managing employees’ performance?
  • What makes a really effective P.M. programme? Any best practices to share.
  • What led to the conceptualization of your book "Cutting the Gordian Knot- India's Quest for Prosperity"?
  • What, according to your book, is the difference between India and Bharat?
  • Why is it vital for corporates to have policies favoring women employees?
  • In your book, you have mentioned that India lacks education or training or semi-skilled jobs. Can you elaborate on what is missing and why that is important?
  • What is your expectation from the government ahead of the upcoming elections?
  • How do you perceive the evolving 3E (Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship) ecosystem in India?
  • Focus on skilling will create a surplus supply of talent, how do we align it with the industry demand and make industry pay for the skilled workforce (particularly SMEs and MSMEs)?
  • Tell us about Big Basket’s HR strategy to recruit and retain migrants/youth from rural places, do you engage apprentices as well?
  • How is Big Basket facilitating the movement of workforce /enterprises from informal to the formal sector with reference to the key elements in the value chain of e-commerce?
  • Tell us about your upcoming book, “Cutting the Gordian Knot –India’s Journey towards Acche Din”.
  • What is your opinion about short-term skilling programs, please give examples of industry sectors where it can help
  • Should the strike price be lowered (in other words should the options be re-priced) when the share price or fair market value declines, or if the options go underwater?
  • What are the other forms of stock-based compensation?
  • As an employee how should you look at stock-based compensation?
  • While hiring a candidate what matters more for a startup HR manager- experience or passion?
  • We have often seen startups gives fancy designations and higher salary better than the established companies to their young employees? Do you think that works adversely for them when they change the job and go to a bigger brand? What are things one should keep in mind while taking a fancy role in a startup?
  • How Startups can be defined? What are the differences in work-culture in an MNC and a Startup? What are the pre-requisites to join a Startup? What are the technologies & domains on which your Startup is working?
  • How do you address the questions of stability in a startup job?
  • We want to know how to evaluate a job offer in a startup? We have seen people get better designations at less experience level. Please help
  • What kind of roles in startups can provide one with international exposure? Please guide.
  • What are the sectors for which the start-up works for and what are the advantages to be with startups?
  • Which profiles will be most in-demand in startups from a future perspective?
  • By the starting of next year, most Indian startups will have mature processes and policies in place? What do you think will be the biggest differentiator startups will be offering to their employees over established companies?
  • How to build a stable career in startups? What is the most crucial factor to look for?
  • Are the recruitment HR and assessment, processes are any different in startups to that of established companies?
  • What are future technology careers in startups in 2016?
  • We want to know how a startup's career will change in 2016 in terms of roles, career growth?
  • What do you think should motivate people in joining a startup compared to an MNC?
  • What do you think should motivate people in joining a startup compared to an MNC?
  • What should candidates pick: ESOPs or a good salary hike when they are offered a job in a startup?
  • According to your experience, what should be the top 5 priorities of a startup HR manager?

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