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  • Is the ministry planning to intervene as Jet Airways is facing financial crisis and IndiGo shortage of pilots?

    Each airline prepares its own business plan on the basis of market assessment and financial resources. Based on its business plan, the efficient operations and financial performance is the responsibility of an individual airline and its shareholders... No financial settlement or infusion of funds has materialised for Jet Airways. Other airlines, particularly Indigo, are making efforts to recruit pilots from Jet Airways.

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  • Will the government also start the disinvestment process of Air India?

    The strategic disinvestment of Air India has been deferred for some time due to adverse market conditions and no bidders had shown interest. However, the government has prepared a revival plan for Air India, which focuses on building a competitive and profitable airline group…

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  • What will be your priorities if voted back to power?

    Tremendous growth needs medium and long term strategies with concrete action plan to match the growth trajectory. We have created a road map in terms of vision for the next two decades. I would ensure that policies/road map prepared is implemented as per a time frame.

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  • What are the major achievements of your government vis-a-vis civil aviation?

    The government has thoroughly transformed the aviation sector and India has now emerged as the world’s 3rd largest domestic aviation market. Flying has become affordable and accessible for all. With 1,000 plus aircraft to be inducted to cater to the growth, huge infrastructure expansion is being...

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