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Founder and Chairman of Bharti Enterprises, the parent company of Airtel, one of the world's largest telecom companies. Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Commerce. Sunil Bharti Mittal received the Padma Bhushan in 2007.

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  • When you started out in 1994-95, did you expect the mobile market to become so big? It was clear then everyone had overbid and the industry looked like it would not survive.
  • The regulatory environment has been a challenge. The other challenge was to get more spectrum. How have you tackled these?
  • The sector in recent years has gone through excessive competition, scams and financial pressure. How do you see the future?
  • Do you see the market shifting to data quickly, despite the fact that most companies have not made money after spending a lot on 3G spectrum?
  • Around 15 months after Reliance Jio, how is the telecom sector looking to you?
  • Would you say that this write-off has primarily happened due to Jio’s entry?
  • Airtel seems to be the natural suitor for Aircel…
  • Jio reported on their numbers for the first time. Your views?
  • In your view, is the most aggressive phase of Jio’s entry over?
  • So the hope that pricing stability is returning to the sector , is still some time away?
  • When so much is happening, why is your stock risen to the level that it has?
  • When do we see the next pieces of the Tata buy, In terms of DTH, fibre, etc?
  • Should the next logical step be phone bundling as well?
  • There have also been talks about merging with Tata Sky…
  • What are your views on the Trai suggestions for relaxing spectrum cap rules?
  • Do you think the IMG recommendations are adequate?
  • The industry has always said that the spectrum prices have been very high…
  • Any updates on the Infratel stake sale?
  • Africa seems to be turning around…is the plan still on for consolidation in markets where you are not that strong?
  • What are the key things that the government should look at in the new telecom policy?
  • You have recently turned 60. So what, if any, are the succession plans?
  • The government has been insisting that telcos pass on the input tax credit benefit to subscribers. Your thoughts?
  • The telecom secretary has said India can do with five telecom opertors. You have called for consolidation that may reduce the number of players to four…
  • Will that allow competition in the market?
  • Do you see forced consolidation happening?
  • What can the government or regulator do to stop this bleeding?
  • Can spectrum prices be cut when agencies such as CAG, CVC or CBI could question the same?
  • Would you like to see another auction this year?
  • Jio has said they are going to charge for services from April 1. How would this impact operators like you and when do you see the situation easing?
  • Will it hurt revenues and profits?
  • Are you disappointed at the lack of action to rein in the industry´s bleeding and the regulator´s role?
  • Your last quarter earnings were dented thanks to Jio. How long do you think this will go on?
  • With these pressures, is the option to exit Africa on the table?
  • Are you looking at consolidation in Africa too?
  • Would you say the new tariffs of Jio would be the new normal?
  • But it’s also many times the data that industry is giving right now…
  • Wouldn’t that be more difficult for incumbent operators like you with legacy networks?
  • Are you saying the cost is the same for everyone?
  • There is talk that sellers are settling for lower valuations…
  • Are you disappointed by the way the telecom sector has moved in the last two years? There are operators now with no option but to sell off. What is the policy prescription?
  • What do you make of the fact that Jio has 100 million subscribers, but incumbents like you haven´t lost as many users?
  • Reliance Jio is investing in content. Is there a plan to acquire content?
  • What´s your take on 5G in India?
  • You have set up a group in the GSMA to figure out how to do network sharing so that everyone is not building Highways of their own.
  • Post the Telenor deal, Moody’s has retained its credit positive rating on Airtel, contingent upon your deleveraging plans to slash debt?
  • In a couple of markets, you have over 50% share with Telenor. Is that a concern?
  • What’s the progress on (hiving off) Bharti Infra?
  • Do you believe that once Jio starts charging, its user base will come down from 100 million?
  • What is the status of the point of interconnect issue?
  • TRAI has come out with a paper on predatory pricing. Is it too little too late?
  • You said that the telecom industry´s global reputation is just slightly better than tobacco…
  • On fibre installations, Bharatnet is coming up while private players as well as BSNL is setting up capacities.

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