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  • What are you going to focus on after joining Oppo?
  • The economic slowdown is upon us. But some say the smartphone segment is recession-proof. What do you want to say?
  • Tell us about your association with the Sunburn Festival. Why did you think of sponsoring a music event?
  • How do you think the collaboration will help build your brand in the country?
  • Mobile brands have always had a fancy for sporting events. Are you also in the same league or does music work better for you to connect with your TG?
  • Other than the music and sports collaborations tell us about the new marketing strategies you are looking at to reach out to buyers in the lull phase that the economy is in?
  • Will you be focusing online or are you partnering with any e-commerce to boost your sales targets?
  • What are the key attributes for your success in India?
  • Has marketing played an integral role for Oppo?
  • What were your plans for 2020?
  • What was your idea behind featuring a blind photographer in the ad of Oppo 10x Zoom?
  • ou recently took the marketing mantle from Will Yang. Does taking over from a Chinese colleague bring with it any special responsibilities? What does it mean for you?
  • What are your plans for Oppo Kash?
  • Why did Oppo choose Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, and Badshah for Oppo Reno series ad?
  • BBK Electronics, owner of OPPO, OnePlus, Vivo, and realme, has the largest smartphone market share in India. All four brands are vying for a similar TG – isn’t there cannibalization within the family?
  • Speaking of local insights, tell us what Indians look for in a smartphone today. What specifications drive purchase decisions?
  • Today, smartphone advertising is all about outshouting rivals and being prolific. Previously, seasonal bursts would suffice...
  • That’s interesting. Given the shortening replacement cycles, which is less than two years now, how long does a new model last in your portfolio?
  • OPPO is a big digital advertiser, you invest in big ticket partnerships, and also use traditional channels like TV and outdoor. What role does each channel play? Do you use different channels to target different niches, like gamers, insta lovers, OTT bingers, etc.?
  • What about advertising on e-commerce sites, something we’re seeing a lot of these days?
  • You went premium with the Reno series, which has been OnePlus’ territory. Is OPPO still positioned as an affordable brand?

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