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  • Of your movies, which movie is your favorite? Can you share with us which experiences and filmmaking moments you treasure the most?

    Hard for me to pick a favorite movie of mine. I don’t tend to watch them after they release. Karz is special as it was my first as a Producer-director and it launched Mukta Arts, which has gone on to be the biggest part of my life. I treasure all my filmmaking experiences. One thing I try to do is to enjoy the filmmaking process. Its important. Its hard and tiring work with long hours. If you don’t love what you are doing, you can never be successful. I have always tried to make my set like a family. I have loved working with Dilip Saab. He is the best actor we have ever produced and I am honoured to have done three films with him as a director.

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  • Where did you learn filmmaking and direction? What attracted you to the world of cinema? Did you always know you wanted to be in film as a writer, director, and producer?

    I went to FTII in Pune. I was in the acting course there but I also had a talent for storytelling as I had been writing plays in my college days. During my FTII days I would often enter classes on sound, camera, direction as extras. The whiff of films has always inspired me. I guess I have a talent to tell stories in some capacity. I initially wanted to be an actor but then changed track to a writer. I wrote many successful films with my partner and we sold them as well. One script was Kalicharan. I was shocked when the big producer NN Sippy asked me to direct that movie. I had never considered direction until then. But it was the break I needed and now almost 40 years later, here I still am.

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