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Steve McCurry an American photographer, freelancer and photojournalist is the recipient of many awards, including Magazine Photographer of the Year, awarded by the National Press Photographers Association; the Royal Photographic Society's Centenary Medal; and two first-place prizes in the World Press Photo contest (1985 and 1992).

Connect with Steve McCurry's life

  • Being identified with regions like Indian sub continent, China and the Middle East, what fascinates you about those places?
  • Apart from photography, is there anything else that you are doing right now?
  • Has the photography world changed? What are your thoughts?
  • What advice or suggestions would you give to budding photographers?
  • You have been putting out books for years. Has the process of producing a book changed much since you started?
  • When talking about change, many photographers allude to the fact that we’re all inundated with images now thanks to Instagram and the web in general. Have you seen a change in the way we interact with photos because of that?
  • Your photography is mainly documentary photography, has it changed anyhow in today’s time?
  • What is your process for selecting a place you want to go and photograph?
  • Once you have selected a place that you want to go and photograph, what is the research process like?
  • Your works have always kept up with the changing times. What is it about change that makes it so fascinating for you?
  • Have the advances in camera technology affected or changed the way you work?
  • Has the choice of gear become more of an issue or a concern in today’s time?
  • People have always been a central aspect of your photography. As photography has become more prevalent around the world, has that changed the way you’re able to interact with your subjects?
  • According to you, the best way to experience a place is to simply walk around with your camera. Would you say it is still the best way to experience a location?
  • How do you wish that your photographs get interpreted? Is there a particular way you wish for them to be interpreted?
  • While photographing something, do you feel it is your duty to tell a story behind every photograph?
  • A picture always stays with a person. What is it about those particular photos that have stayed with you?
  • When you first visited India, what were your thoughts?
  • Is it true that you consider yourself to be a visual storyteller more than a photojournalist?
  • Recently, you have become more interested in working for yourself rather than a magazine. Is it true?
  • What would you like photograph and do, apart from portraits and street photography?
  • What is your definition of a splendid journey?

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