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  • Any words of wisdom for youngsters like you?

    If you are confident about the competence of your idea, you can definitely make it work and turn it into a wonderful invention. Be confident of who you are and what you are doing and everything is possible. Good luck!

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  • You have proved that a woman is no less in this society. What do you want to tell the girls out there?

    I am a person who believes in gender equality. I don’t see any difference in being a man or a woman. I believe that both of us are provided with an equal amount of opportunities in India today. However, I also feel that girls lack safety in society. We shouldn’t stop chasing our dreams just because we are women. If we have the passion and support of our parents, then it is possible to achieve anything that we want. Even today, my father came here to support me, although he had to take leave from his work. As long as I have this support, I feel that I can achieve anything in the world.

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  • How do you balance your studies and business?

    I had planned to work on web designing only after I finish my college work, ever since the start of the company. I make sure I prioritize studies over the business, which helps me balance both.

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  • What are your other interests?

    I like listening to music and reading non-fiction books.

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  • How did you develop an interest in web designing?

    I started to design a website when I was in 3rd grade. I began using a computer from a very young age. I studied the English alphabets by typing them in the Notepad application and that’s how I developed a good connection with computers. Once, my dad showed me a website designed by a young boy, which was very colourful and fascinating. This was an inspiration for me to start designing websites. Before learning, it was just a piece of art for me. Later, after I learnt to design, I understood its seriousness and difficulties.

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  • What is the change you want to see in our country?

    I think, at present, I am too young to think about all those aspects.

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  • Your message for budding talents of this nation who aspires to be like you

    Don’t think that something is impossible for Children. We can achieve whatever elders can do if we have the will. ‘Keep moving, Don’t Quit” is my slogan.

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  • Any specific resolution for you in life?

    I would like to become a software engineer. My dream is to develop an operating system that is more user-friendly and with more facilities than any OS available at present.

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  • How do you manage your studies & your passion for web-designing side by side?

    It’s a matter of time management. My school time is from 8.30 to 2.45. So I can spend 2 to 3 hrs a day without affecting my school studies. Usually, after completing all my homework, I am doing designing works.

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  • What are the skills, according to you, which need to be enhanced for the sustainability & scalability of your company?

    I have to be the master in my field. I have to work hard and study more and more to achieve this.

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  • The existing IT scenario is very bad. So as a young entrepreneur what are your plans to turn the tide and also what are the current projects you are working on?

    The IT scenario is bad only for those who are solely dependent on foreign markets for their products. I am not doing any big projects for foreign companies but doing small projects for small customers. The necessity for having a website is increasing day by day, even for individuals. So the number of my target group is increasing every day. If I am competent to offer efficient service, I am sure, I will get maximum orders. So I don’t have to worry about the future of my company. Currently, I am working on the project of designing a web portal with all the details about Kerala to attract visitors from all over the world.

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  • How do you handle the pressure of being called as the Youngest CEO of the world & the expectations associated with it?

    When I was doing my first site, nobody knew me, so I was free without any tension. But, now I am much tensed when designing a site because I have to ensure the quality and standard of my sites. Now I am spending more time studying more on web designing including various languages such as php, asp etc in order to rise up to the expectations of my well-wishers. Being a young entrepreneur, I am getting more exposure. I am getting more opportunities to learn and interact with many efficient personalities. I can make use of my income for my studies and other expenses. At the same time, in the eyes of many, I am something beyond their reach. They hesitate to mingle freely with me. Apart from this, they are expecting more and more from me.

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  • Tell us something about your first venture- Tinylogo

    Tinylogo is a logo based search engine. I am very much interested in collecting logos and just to collect beautiful logos, I started the site. But my dad told me that taking the logos from the sites of other companies without their permission is against the law. So I thought of legally collecting the logos. During that period, I met Mr. Sainul Abideen (Cybrosys Technosolutions), who is world-famous for his rainbow technology, and discussed the matter with him. The idea of a logo based search engine came out from that discussion and I executed it in association with Cybrosys Technosolutions.

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  • Being awarded as the youngest web designer, please tell us what motivated or inspired you to generate interest in web-designing?

    My father permitted me to use computer from my early childhood. I learned English alphabets by typing it in notepad. I used to draw pictures in MS Paint even before joining LKG. So computer is my intimate friend. When I was six years old, my father showed me a website designed by a young boy and told me that if I am interested I can also do it. Then I tried it by using MS Word and then in MS FrontPage. I designed my first website, the one for my school while I was 8 years old. Now I am using Dreamweaver for developing sites.

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