Sneha Beriwal

Head - Brand & Campaigns, Pantaloons

  • How do you evaluate traditional vs. digital marketing channels?

    Choice of any media, traditional or digital depends on the objective. Reaching mass audience cost effectively, driving brand love, making big announcements, launching new campaigns and other top of the funnel objectives would be reasons for selecting traditional media. Targetted communication, conversion from intent to trial, driving traffic to an event or destination and kheer bottom of the funnel objectives would be reasons for selecting digital media. However, a good marketing plan would include both of these for a complete 360 mix.

  • Why did you choose to become a marketer?

    I have always been an observant person and new ideas excite me as a professional. I started my career as a consultant which allowed me to understand different functions of a business and also gave me an insight into different industries. This allowed me to discover my passion for marketing and being closer to the end consumer and set me on the path to becoming a marketeer.

  • What is more important for a startup - branding or sales?

    In my view, both of them are highly co-dependant. The right metric that a start-up needs to look at is lifetime value of a customer. Marketing might seem like an upfront cost but helps acquire and retain customers, this delivering better LTV from the customer. If you only focus on sales, you will need to provide discounts over a period of time to generate same amount of value from the customer.